Complete Home Learning Suite by Essential Skills Advantage Review

ESA Review

For the past few weeks my children have had fun practice language and math concepts using the Complete Home Learning Suite by Essential Skills Advantage. This is a nice supplement to add into your homeschool. The subjects covered are math, reading, language & grammar, science and geography. The grades that this is geared for is K – 6.


The Complete Home Learning Suite teaches as it tests the students skills. As the students are working on fundamental concepts they are also working on typing skills, visual and auditory recognition, and the students access interactive activities that are engaging to keep interest. Everything that your child does is tracked and you can view and monitor the progress. As a parent you can see performance graphs on every subject, and you can print detailed report cards. You can reward your child with printed certificates as well.

How I Used This:

I used this with both of the kids. I incorporated each subject into our daily routine. I didn’t really have to use the parents side as much but it did give me details to see where they were struggling when they didn’t complete their stars. So I new what to work on to complete the stars for that topic. The really nice thing about this is that you can adjust the grade levels. The kids can work at their own pace.


I used the science and geography the least. We did use it but it’s more if you are working on the topics as it can then be used as a supplement. It doesn’t really teach it to you, I feel that you need to know the concept and review it. I would have loved for it to teach and reinforce your learning. Now on the flip side, I can take a topic and teach it as we go through it, so that my kids can get a good understanding of what they are learning. I did really like the topics in geography. I do plan on going back to use them. I plan on teaching the topic first and then using it for review. I can also sit here and explain it as we work through it as well.


One of my favorite subjects using this was the Language and Grammar for Grade 3. I actually used this with both of the kids. My daughter is working at a grade ahead of herself. I love the different topics: Fun with Spelling 3, Grammar, Creative Writing, Writing Fundamentals, and Spelling Stumpers 1 to 5. Writing is an area that my son struggles with and my daughter can write but she has to remember capital letters, and punctuation. She also makes her sentences really long and has to learn to break them up. I really like the set up of the writing fundamentals as it works on my daughters weakness. I did use the Grammar part a lot as there were a lot of topics that we were working on. The kids could get through a topic in one day. It was nice for review as well for things we have worked on. The one thing I never worked on were abstract nouns. In fact ashamed to say this, I had no idea what it was until the kids worked on. They learned it really quick.

The reading my daughter was working on her level, although I know she is a little higher then the level she is working on. I felt it was great review and it helps her keep her confidence. My son is working at a Grade 3 level. He has been working on compound words. There is a lot of typing, matching and word searches. My daughter absolutely loves the word searches.


Math has been great review for the kids. The levels are kind of all over the place. The nice thing for my son is we have been working on time and money. It has been a struggle for us but with this program I have seen him slightly improve.

IMG_6911 2

The kids do not complain about having to use this program. They are engaged and having fun while they are learning. I think the one thing my daughter really likes is being able to print the certificate on things she has completed. There is something about certificates that make kids proud of what they have accomplished.

My Overall Thought:

I have really been impressed with the Complete Home Learning Suite. I love that I can incorporate this into all our subjects. The kids can go at their own pace. We can switch grade levels if it is too hard or to easy. I really love that it has been helping my daughter improve on her writing skills. I plan to continue to use this program with the kids. It is great review and a great tool for reinforcement on what they are currently learning.

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Essential Skills Advantage Review

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