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If He Had Not Come Book

If He Had Not Come

When I think about Christmas lately, I think that it has really been so commercialized and people are forgetting what the true meaning of Christmas is. I was blessed to review If He Had Not Come, which is a classic story by Nan F. Weeks, reintroduced to a new generation by David Nicholson.

The author of this book David Nicholson had heard Nan Weeks’ story If He Had Not Come for the first time while he was in adult Sunday School. He said that it captivated him and that he wanted to share it with his family and has shared it every year on Christmas. He liked it so much that he wanted to share it with all of us by reintroducing it to us.

This story is about a boy who discovers through a dream what the world would be like if Jesus had not come. He stepped into a world that was familiar but at the same time was utterly confusing with the way people acted. Everything that he knew where it was, was gone. He was looking for a homeless shelter, a hospital, and a children’s home. They were all gone. He kept seeing the words If He Had Not Come everywhere. Well he suddenly woke up to all the familiar things. He realized that the best Christmas gift wasn’t under a tree but it was of Jesus in his heart.

Reading this book it gave a real vivid picture of what things maybe like if Jesus had not come. People didn’t seem to care about others. They seemed rushed and full of anger. It didn’t seem like anyone wanted to help others but only themselves. It seemed very chilling. It was like a world with out joy! It really does make you think and open your eyes.

My daughter at first seemed confused by what was going on. I think she was a little bit sad until the end when things returned to normal. My son I could see the wheels turning in his head as I was reading it. The first thing he said to me after we read this book was “Mom I think people forget what the true meaning of Christmas is? It’s not about gifts but about Jesus!” Which really touched my heart. The kids both said and agreed that Bobby was starting to imagine what a world with out Jesus was like.

The kids know that the stores here are closed on Christmas Day. It’s a day to be with family and friends sharing joy for the season. It’s also going to church for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day mass to honor Jesus.

We read the book and we also read John 15 – 21. I wanted to read for myself and make sense of everything and find out the bigger message. It tells us in the bible why Jesus came to us. Some of things are to deliver us from sin, sever and give his life as a ransom for many, to reveal God the Father. Yes there is more but I think those are the biggest things. Every message Jesus says is something we should listen to. Those are the three most powerful things that stand out to me.

I really like that at the end of the story there was discussion questions to talk with to the kids. We did go over some of them. I also like there is a section about going deeper, with more questions and additional bible verses. I didn’t read the bible versus on that page but I do plan on going back to read them. There is also a Gospel Message. I really enjoyed reading that. I thought the prayer at the end in receiving God’s gift of salvation at the end was beautiful.

The ideas to celebrate Christmas are some of the things we already do. However, I think I will make a point of pointing them out to the kids several times through the Christmas Season. The Christmas Tree remind us of eternal life in Jesus. The pine tree always being green, signifies the never-ending life in Jesus. The tree points to heaven, reminding us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. The star at the top of the tree represents  the star that led the wise men to Jesus. The lights are to remind us of the glory of the Lord reveled through a host of angels that appeared to the Shepherds. The presents under the tree are to remind us of the four gifts that the wise men gave to Jesus and the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. I think all of these are wonderful reminds of Christmas. They were not my ideas but that of the author. I would love to carry this on with my own kids and pass it down to my grand kids as well.

I really believe that this book was meant for all ages, it is suggested for ages 6 and up.

The hard copy book is $18.95

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