Color My Conversation – An Awesome Speech Therapy Product – Review

Both of my kids are on the spectrum, both have different needs. My son really struggles with social cues and the ability to have a conversation. Now don’t get me wrong there are times I can have a great conversation but it can be very short. He struggles with other people until he is comfortable. My daughter can pick up on social cues and can have a conversation but there is definitely room for improvement. I was really excited to learn about Color My Conversation that was written by Rosslyn Delmonico , MA, RSLP, CCC-SLP and published by Northern Speech Services. This has been an amazing review for us.

Color My Conversation (CMC) is a multi-sensory program that is social based. It helps children develop their ability to have conversations and appropriate social interactions with others. The program is adaptable for various skill leaves. It is implemented in a 14 – 16 week period, but it can be used in a year.

Topics Covered:

  • Greetings
  • Chitchat
  • Engaging topics of conversation
  • Asking effective questions
  • Making effective comments
  • Transitioning smoothly between topics
  • Reading nonverbal communication
  • Being a engaged listener
  • Becoming a flexible conversationalist
  • Developing character and self-leadership skills
  • Gaining perspective on the value for face-to-face social interactions

How I Used This:

I used this with my 15 year old son. We used this once a week for 45 minutes. I included my daughter in this at times. We practiced extra a couple times of a week. We started with Beginner Level. He is great with the Yellow Conversation with the greetings of Hello and Good bye. However, he doesn’t always say hello to people. He doesn’t always engage in eye contact. I guess it depends on who you are and how comfortable he is. Now while using the program I have noticed some gains in eye contact and more on greeting people. I don’t think he truly understands or maybe he doesn’t care about first impressions at this point. That is work in progress.  We spent a week on the Yellow Conversation.

I spent 4 weeks working on the short conversation. The reason I did it is because having a specific conversation with my son is hard. For example, he goes to group two days a week. Before this program he would walk in the door and try to run down to his room. I would stop him and ask him one thing he liked… sometimes I would get the I don’t know, or a very short answer. Then I would ask him one thing he didn’t like. Again I would get a very short answer. Once he answered that he rushed off. There was no greetings. This short conversation lesson has been great for us. I know we didn’t really have to master this before we moved on but I felt it was important to keep working. In this part you have your greeting, then you have your question and answers, your stopping, and your good buy. This really helped me to get him to say Hi Mom, How was your day? How are you? Then we could go into the other questions about the things he did at group, things he liked or didn’t like. He had to then say I am going to go to my room now. I would find a way to praise him before he went to his room. We said our good byes. Now don’t think this is perfect with him. I have seen improvement. I am trying to get him to understand that this is a way to develop trust as he has a hard time with that. I also am explaining to him that this builds relationships.

In this your using a ball to throw back and fourth while taking turns. You have stones that you physical step on that cue you as to where you are in the conversation. Visually seeing it helps.

We are still currently spending time in the Long Conversation. This explores his interest and he learns that others have an interest. This is a little more difficult for him. It’s work in progress.

This first level takes typically 4 – 6 weeks. I have decided that I would like to use the program at our own pace. We have had about 6 weeks to look this program over so I can’t tell you all the benefits of the program. I am seeing some gains in my son. I noticed that with a couple people he can have those long conversations but its normally with people he is really comfortable with or they have the same topics of interest. Don’t get me wrong I can have long conversations here and there with my son. I treasure them when we do. I am hoping that he can learn social cues a little more as well as non verbal cues. I know those will come in time.

I know I didn’t really talk about what was in the box that I received. All I can say is that it was really colorful. I love that you are supplied with everything to be that coach for your child or other children. Your really well equipped with video lessons, supplements, and supplies. Everything you need is in that box.

The kit includes:

Foor Stepping Stones – 8 Pieces

Floor Lightning Bolts – 4 Pieces

Wall Poster

Wall Display 9 Punch out Sheets

Game Tokens – 50

Dry Erase Markers – 2

Game Board

Cloth Ribbon

CMC Ball

CMC Music CD

Instruction Manual CD

Honestly I wish I would have learned about this program a long time ago. It would have saved me the frustration. It’s nice being able to see my son blossom and make gains. I love that you can use this with all types of learning. This is really a great program and I highly recommend it.

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Color My Conversation {Northern Speech Services Reviews}

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