Chutes and Ladders…Is it Real???

Your probably thinking what kind of question is that. It’s a game. But I must say that Chutes and Ladders is for real!! There is a HUGE park called Chutes and Ladders in Houghton, MI. Tons of chutes and slides as well as ladders and stairs to climb to get to them. Biggest park I have EVER seen.

Lets start off with the pictures:

Seriously a kid could get lost in this place!! It’s HUGE!! My daughter had a blast. She dragged me and my friend up and down and well even through the slides. I am tall so I couldn’t figure out an easy way to get in the chutes so I had to go down head first. LOL My daughter would wait patiently at the bottom for one of us to come down. Got  a picture of my friend coming down the slide. LOL

Of course the first thing we did when we got to the park was play on the swings and in the sand.

So if you were wondering where I was. I was on a much needed vacation!! Will share more tomorrow!

12 Responses to “Chutes and Ladders…Is it Real???”

  • 1
    Karen says:

    How awsome bet kids love it
    Karen´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

    admin Reply:

    The kids loved it! It was humid so we lasted about a hour there. It was so much different then the parks here. I know we shall be stopping there again. I know the other parents gotta kick out of me. I was laughing up a storm when I went down face first. LOL

  • 2
    Molly says:

    You’re not kidding! That park is amazing. Looks like everyone had a blast!
    Molly´s last blog post ..Thank you! Yeah you!

    admin Reply:

    They sure did have a blast.

  • 3
    Russ says:

    That looked like fun. My wife gets a little embarrassed when I join in with the kids. Glad you had a good Vacation.

    admin Reply:

    It’s the fun of it though Grampy!! Makes things more interesting. 🙂

  • 4

    I was wondering where you were! Glad you got a vacay! I want to go to Chutes & Ladders! That looks so fun!! My baby would go NUTS!!! Welcome back! Love the new designs you added to your blog… super cute!

    admin Reply:

    Hey Jane!! I Have missed everyone. I thought with summer here it wouldn’t be so busy but I got lots to do. The kids at times are keeping me busy too. The park was awesome and I know when we go back we will be visiting it again.

  • 5
    Tammy says:

    I’ve missed you around here. Great to have you back. I have a giveaway for you, if you are interested. I need to know soon, because there are only a few slots available and I have posted it in the MomDot VIP forum.
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Sensory Street Kids Is A Hit

    admin Reply:

    Tammy I have missed you too!! I have to move your blog into my daily blog reads so I don’t miss out. I have been trying to organize them. I will head over to the forum soon.

  • 6
    Frugal Vicki says:

    wow, that is absolutely amazing
    Frugal Vicki´s last blog post ..Wordless WednesdayRain Rain go away

    admin Reply:

    I know isn’t it. I said I am almost afraid to let them wonder through it for fear of getting lost. LOL

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