Christmas Crafting with Crayola and Giveaway



My daughter and I had fun crafting some Christmas theme stuff today. Of course I wish my older son would have joined us but he was at my parents as I would have gotten into some bigger stuff with him. I had to tailor this around my daughter’s age group.

I received some Model Magic, Washable Markers, Slick Sticks (which by the way are new to me and absolutely awesome), Colored Pencils, Glitter Glue and a $25.00 Walmart Gift Card. I went to the Walmart immediately and I picked up Crayola Oil Pastels, Crayola Construction Paper, a box of Crayola Poster Paints, and some Crayola Water Paints.

Crayola has a “Holiday Crafts” Pinterest Board which I highly recommend you checking out for some ideas for holiday crafting.

The first craft we did was a 3-D PAper Shape Ornament that was on the Crayola Craft Site.



We used pink construction paper and I folded it in half. I traced the star and snowman cookie cutters and cut them out. My daughter used the markers on the star to draw a picture and color it up to her liking. Then on the snowman she used the Slick Sticks where she colored the snowman white. The neat thing about the slick sticks is that you can smudge them. It makes the paper a little damp at first but the areas you miss you smudge and fill in.



My daughter was coloring the snowman white. It really did turn the paper white and you couldn’t see much of the pink, which I thought was super neat. First time we ever used these and of course like with all the crayola products we fell in love with them.

Then what we did was cut a slit in the middle of the ornament and then a slit at the top of another ornament. I slide one ornament inside the other. I don’t think they turned out so bad. I forgot to get string while I was there so I have to go back to the store so we can hang them on our tree. You would of course punch a hole and slide the string through and tie.





The next thing we did was make a Winter Scene.



What you need for this is a piece of water color paper, water colors, paint brush and oil pastels. What I did was take a white oil pastel and I drew a snowman and some snow and snowflakes. I took a pink pastel and wrote some words as I wanted to see where I was putting it. My daughter then took a paint brush and used only the blue water color paint. She then covered the whole piece of paper in blue paint. What is nice is the oil pastel comes through and pops out through the water color paint. I guess in a way you can say it was resistant to the paint.



Christmas Wreath



What you need for the Christmas Wreath is a paper plate, scissors, circle punch, red paper, paint brush, glue, glitter glue, and kids paint.



The first thing you do is cut a hole in the middle of the paper plate. I then had my daughter paint the wreath green. I set it aside to dry. While we were waiting we took the circle punch and punched out 12 round circles that we would use as berries. Once the paper plate was dry, we glued the berries on the top, bottom, right and left sides in threes. We put a dot of glitter glue on each berry and took another glitter glue color and went in circles in the top and bottom part of the wreath.



The last project we did today was make a Hand Print Santa:



For this you will need a paper that is not white in color. We used Pink because I wanted all the colors to show. You will need peach, white, and red paint. I painted my daughters fingers white and a small layer of white above her fingers. I did the next layer in peach for Santa’s face. The next layer was white again for Santa’s top of his hat. Then I finished with red paint at the top and painted the thumb red. I pushed her hand down on the paper to make the hand print santa. I then used paint for the eyes and mouth.



I really enjoy using crayola products with the kids as the colors are so vibrant in color. We always buy the markers, pencils, crayons, and paints. I love the paints because they are washable and vibrant. The oil pastels are also one of my favorite mediums to use with my oldest as we are just getting into pastels. The Slick Sticks were new to me and I really loved how smooth they colored and that you can smudge them like a oil pastel. Now when I say smudge it smudges smoothly, different from a oil pastel. You will have to try them to see what I mean. Hard to explain. The only thing I didn’t use was the model magic. I am thinking that with my oldest we will shape it into different things for Christmas such as a stocking, wreath, and maybe more. I would like to turn them into ornaments on the tree.

If you visit the Crayola Website they will have more craft ideas for you. While your at follow on Crayola’s Pinterest  for more inspirational ideas. You can also follow Crayola on Facebook and Twitter.


One lucky reader will win a prize that contains: Crayola Washable Markers, Crayola Colored Pencils, Crayola Glitter Glue, Crayola Model Magic, Crayola Slick Sticks, and a $25.00 Walmart Gift Card. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked. This is open to US Residents 18 and older. The prize pack is provided by Crayola.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. However I did recieve the same as the prize pack listed above for the giveaway to do my Christmas Crafting to write this post. I used the Gift Card to get more Crayola Products to use for this post as well. The opinions in this post are 100% mine.



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