Chemistry 101 – DVD Curriculum Review

Chemistry 101 Review

One of my sons favorite subjects is science. He loves the hands on way of learning and is a very visual child. I was really excited to be introduced to The 101 Series. The 101 Series is Chemistry 101 , Biology 101 and Physics 101. For this review I did receive the DVD of Chemistry 101. This particular curriculum has a Christian approach. It best suitable for ages 15 and up.


Chemistry 101 is a High School Curriculum. It contains 4 DVDs, with 19 individual segments. The segments run anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes. The segments the world of chemistry and the periodic table of elements. Included in the DVD are some printables: guidebook, quizzes, one- year high school booklet.

How We Used This: 

I used this with my son as we are currently working on chemistry. We watched 2 segments a week and we talked about them. I did use part of the study guide to go over what we watched and the quiz. I do plan to revisit this DVD again and use it for a while year as I was really fascinated by the set up of it. It starts out in the very beginning of time with the history of Chemistry. It was very interesting getting to know the different people and the inventions that were created. I think that part was my favorite as I am such a history nut.

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There were many things that caught my eye. One of the PDFs is a course accreditation program. This DVD has about 155 hours worth of projects and over 30 hours worth of lab time. Once the course is complete your child will earn a science credit. You can be very flexible with this. The DVDs though are the heart of the material in this course.

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As you look through the course accreditation program  you see a schedule. I love that there is a suggested schedule of how you should do things. It lists what you need for all the experiments. Most of them are things you already have on hand which is a really nice bonus. It also lists the suggested way to progress through the year. It directs you to what segment, where in the guide book are you working, where on the DVD the experiment is, and so forth. It really is a valuable tool. The students are also encouraged to create a chemistry notebook, where they record their work. It encourages and suggests field trip. We love field trips :).  It also encourages you to use resources from the library as well.

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The guide book is an amazing tool to use with the segments. Just to dabble in it for this review I used it for the very first one. We didn’t complete the experiments to the segment but we did use the guidebook. Each segment has a reading that covers what was covered in the video. There are stories and commentary. There is even side bar trivia. So we watched the video first and then we reviewed the information and took the quiz. The quiz is multiple choice and I really like that. The guide book really reiterates the information you just watched.


I really want take the time and go back to this and use this how it is suggested in the accreditation program. I like the structure and the fact that there are hands on activity. The only difference is I don’t think we will create a written notebook per say. I would have my son dictate into a note program his notes. That way he does have a way to record his work. I really like the fact of the field trip suggestions to as it is always nice to be able to get out and see things for yourself. My opinion is this is very structured and flexible. The video is engaging and really worth watching.

For More On The 101 Series: 

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Physics, Chemistry & Biology 101 {The 101 Series}

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