Charlotte Mason Method – Might Be A Great Idea For Us

I have spent a lot of time thinking lately about the past few years of homeschooling. I sat back thinking of all the struggles we have had to get to the point where I am now. I wouldn’t change it for a thing as every thing has been a great learning experience for me. If you were to ask me what my style of homeschooling is I honestly am not sure I could answer that.

My 11 year old son has high functioning autism as we as a cognitive disability. Finding out about the cognitive disability actually made a lot of sense in how he is progressing and why he isn’t retaining things. I shouldn’t say he isn’t retaining but the things he should I don’t know where he has it stored and am not sure how to get him to bring it out. It’s there it comes out at times.

I notice that when I say it’s time to do school work he groans and moans but once we get started he is fine. We have tried a lot of curriculum and different ideas and sometimes it feels no matter what I try he doesn’t like. However, I did find a math curriculum that works this year. I also found a spelling and grammar book that work. Next year I will add the writing book in as I feel he should have the concepts of sentence structure and grammar before we go ahead with the writing and I feel we are making great gains. History/Geography I may have found the book I have been waiting for, as it’s one I get to renew. Science I am unsure of yet.

My daughter on the other hand I started her at a K5 level this year and she has really blossomed. I started that when she was 4. We have a great math program we have been using. We are going through the alphabet with lapbooks still as review. I am adding in some hands on and sensory play for her to learn that as well. It’s the letter sounds we are working on. Beginning reading is another thing we are working on as well.

All in all I am pretty happy with how it’s going with both my kids. As we are finding things that work. I just have to think outside the box a little more for my son. When someone mentioned to me the Charlotte Mason method, I became very curious.

I really like that it teaches good habits, the child is taught in a good atmosphere (meaning in their own environment), and I like the living book approach. My son isn’t crazy about text books. Although he has adjusted to some as I have mentioned above. I like that the child is learning in chunks. Where they are learning small bits of information and retaining it more then if they were doing it in school where everything is loaded at one time. I feel sometimes he feels overloaded in his learning.

Literature to me is reading and I think I may take the approach and read the living books. I like the narration part where you can have the child speak, write, and or draw what they learned from the book. I think reading one chapter a day is a good thing as that is what we do now with the chapter books. I also try to find lapbooks to go along with them as he seems to really enjoy them. Maybe going this route I may not have to do include the lapbooks for that unless he wants to.

The concept of poetry reading once a week sounds interesting to me. I think my son may benefit that too as we haven’t done much poetry.

I have to look and see where the picture study comes into play a little more as I am not sure if that pertains to art.

Handicrafts and Arts, well that’s easy for us as both my kids love arts and crafts of sorts.

There is also hymn study, music study, Shakespeare, personal development, and foreign language.

I was looking at the early years and suggested  books for my daughter and I think using it with her from the start may be a good idea. The starting point with her seems good and I like the layout. I looked over a website and I really liked the book suggestions. We have some already and some I would have to buy.

I am not sure I will totally incorporate Charlotte Mason Method with my son but I might take pieces from it and use it with certain subjects. If we find we really like the history and I can get creative I can always try to add in living books to what we are teaching and add in some hands on activities.

Here is what we are using right now:

My Son:

Spelling – Soaring into Spelling and Vocabulary

Language Arts – Growing With Grammar

Writing – Not sure of the title but it’s by the same publisher as spelling and language.

Math – A Plus Tutorsoft

History – America The Beautiful

Science – Living Books

Music – Piano Lessons – Adventus

Art – Picture Study and See The Light

This is how I have it laid out and it’s all subject to change based on how well my adapts to things.


My Daughter:

Math – Math U See

Beginning Reading – Alpha Phonics

Copywork – I make printables where she can trace and also write

Science will be living books and nature studies

Art – picture studies and I will find a art book for her age

Music – piano – Adventus

Poetry – will find the suggested readings


What is your homeschool style? Do you have any suggestions? 


9 Responses to “Charlotte Mason Method – Might Be A Great Idea For Us”

  • 1
    Diane says:

    We followed Charlotte Mason Methods pretty strictly for a few years. I love the Charlotte Mason Methods but my daughter doesn’t like to read. With all the reading that is required through living books (which I did a lot of read alouds) it just wasn’t clicking with my daughter. We still incorporate many of the methods into our daily routine though. My favorite Charlotte Mason websites are Simply Charlotte Mason and Queenhomeschool.

    admin Reply:

    Yes I do like the Simply Charlotte Mason. I never heard of the other site so I will check that one out as well. I think I kind of do the methods already in a way when I thought about it.

  • 2
    Brandy says:

    We use the Charlotte Mason method mixed in with other stuff at our house and my kids love it!
    Brandy´s last blog post ..TOS Review: Moving Beyond the Page

    admin Reply:

    I am thinking with my son that it will also be mixed. The spelling and grammar take about 10 – 20 minutes to do the lessons and the lessons being short I noticed he retains more. I hope my kids like it 🙂

  • 3
    Holly says:

    The thing I like the best about homeschooling is that we can tailor our childrens’ education to the child. While I’m classically inclined myself, I really like Charlotte Mason’s living books.
    Holly´s last blog post ..Weekly Round Up – with blackberries

    admin Reply:

    Yes and that’s exactly why I love homeschooling I can work it with what my son needs. I am starting to notice more and more people are using this method as well.

  • 4
    Jennifer says:

    We mix it up and use some of her ideas.
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..Moving Beyond the Page ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

  • 5

    I never closely followed her method, but I did read the first book in her series (I forget the name at the moment). I incorporated some of her ideas when my children were younger. I’m more of an eclectic homeschooler. 🙂
    Linda @ Linda’s Lunacy´s last blog post ..God’s 10 Best Dressed Women

    admin Reply:

    I never really paid attention to the styles of homeschooling. As I kinda feel I am somewhere in between a few of them. What is eclectic?

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