Changing Curriculum Again!! Why Didn’t I Think of This Sooner??

Most of you who follow my blog know that my son has high functioning autism and has a cognitive disability. Well we had a neuropysch appointment a year or two ago and I based all my teaching around that. Well we have now hit high school and he is a freshman. I have been working with DVR as we are getting ready for transition and he is involved in a program with them. Well she hooked me up with the special education center at our technical college.

I was wondering how a child or person with special needs can attend college. Well they treat them like any other student. For math you have to pass a 12 year 9 month grade level. I was rather discouraged when I heard this. Yes they have tutoring and you can take a prealegbra course for three credits to enter. I was like he is no where near this. So I thought about it some more and I was starting to lose some faith.

The neuropsych based him on a 1st to 2nd grade math level. I thought about and started asking my son if he got to use a calculator? He said no. So they are basing it off mental math. Well good luck finding his filing cabinet to retrieve the mental math. One of my friends is a Special Ed teacher and she said to me…do you use a calculator? I was like no not all the time…She said well then…To get him to move on let him use the calculator as long as he has the right answer it doesn’t matter. He knows how get got it on the calculator. So that got me thinking. I have been doing really easy math with him. We have been using Math U See. I love Math U See but I think it’s holding him back.

I looked into Teaching Textbooks and I heard so much about it. So I did the first placement test in Math 3. Low and behold he was ready for that. I looked to the next one which was Math 4. He is ready for that. I know with the calculator I could take him higher. I stopped at Math 4 because there are subjects in there that he really does need to know if he chooses to pursue any of his interests. I was like he isn’t at a first grade level. I know that if I take the extra three years after graduation that the neuropysch recommends I can catch him up in math.

Now reading and language may be difficult but I will talk to her about that next now that I have the math figured out. I also have to figure out if he can use a calculator with the entrance tests. If he can he will be good to go and I have hope! I know I can catch him up.

I am just upset at the thought that I feel all this time I have held him back! I feel like now part of his delay is my fault. However, a friend reminded me that I went off based off the information given to me by doctors. I should no better and realize that I know him better then them. No time to feel bad just have to truck on forward. I look at this as one big gain!! We are farther along in Math then I thought.

So once tax time comes I will be purchasing Teaching Textbooks for both of the kids. We will start moving on then. For now I will use what I have here and make the best of it.

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