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First Grade Dolch Words Released

First Grade Dolch Word Worksheets


First Grade Dolch Word Worksheets is fresh off the press. It contains 41 dolce words and is 49 pages long. The worksheets are filled with flashcards, and word worksheets that contain: read, trace, write, color, and find.

You can preview a couple pages on currclick. It is for sale for $1.99

First Grade Dolch Word Worksheets

Stay tuned as Second and Third Grade Dolch Word Worksheets are coming soon!

Primer Dolce Words Worksheets Published on Currclick

Primer Dolch Words Worksheets


Hot of the Presses!! I created the second set of Dolch Word Worksheets. This set is the Primer Dolch Words which is for Kindergarten. There are 52 Dolch Words in this set.

The packet contains flash cards and a worksheet for each word. The worksheets are Read, Trace, Write, Color, and Find the word. There are 61 pages total in this set.

Stay tuned at I will be publishing First, Second, and Third grade within the next two weeks. You will have the choice to purchase them separately or in a bundle.

Short A Word Work Released and a Freebie

Short A Word Work Cover - Currclick

I am currently working on a series of short vowels. My first packet to release today on currclick is Short A Word Work. I have it up for $3.00. It is filled with one syllable words that are perfect for a beginning reader. I also have sorted by word families. The word families in this packet are: at, an, ag, am, and ad.

The packet contains 26 pages total. The worksheets are read, write, trace, and color. There are also 3 simple word searches for the ages of 5 – 7.

Pre-Primer Dolch Words Worksheets Now Released

Pre-Primer Dolch Words Worksheets Cover


Fresh and hot off the press! Pre-Primer Dolch Words Worksheets was created to help your preschooler or kindergartener learn the dolch words for their age level. You can use this as morning seat work, practice, or homework.

This set of worksheets is 50 pages and contains a set of flash cards and worksheets.

The flash cards can be printed twice to make a memory game to learn the pre-primer dolch words.

There is a worksheet for each word. The worksheet contains Read, Trace, Write, Color, and Find the Word.

New Polar Bear Unit Study Released and Giveaway

Polar Bear Unit Study Cover


Does your child like polar bears? Did you know that the polar bear is the largest predator in the world? With the new Polar Bear Unit Study your child can learn more about the polar bear. Your child will learn the characteristics of the polar bear, where they live, and how they survive. While writing this I had no idea just how much patience a polar bear has while hunting for food. They are amazing animals.

You can purchase this on currclick for $2.00


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