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Taylor Commercial Baking Mat Review – Scrumptious Cookie Recipe

Taylor Baking Review

One of the things I love to do is to cook and bake. I think my family and friends really enjoy when I bake as well. I also like to try new products that will make cooking and baking much easier. Well I have to say that with the Taylor Commercial Baking – Silicone Baking Mats it has made baking much more enjoyable and easier.


Back To School With Jennie-0 #JennieO

Back To School With Jennie-O

Next week we are starting our new school year. In a couple weeks the hustle and bustle really start as my daughter starts ice skating lessons again. We also have Frontier Scouts starting up really soon as well. Those are the days were quick meals really come in handy. When I need quick meals I turn to my favorite Jennie-O products to help.  My absolute two favorite Jennie-O products are Jennie-O Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey and Jennie-O Italian Seasoned Ground Turkey.



Apple Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread – Perfect For Fall

Apple Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread

My favorite time of year is fast approaching. The cooler weather will be upon us soon. Although today feels like a fall day as the temperature is suppose to be in the 60s. Apple picking will be starting at the orchards anytime now. I had heard that the season was starting sooner here in Wisconsin. I haven’t checked the orchard we pick at yet. I have the perfect fall recipe for you, it is called Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread. My son and I made this together the other morning.

Make Your Own Shamrock Shake

Make Your Own Shamrock Shake

One of the things we love around this time of year is the Shamrock Shakes. I can no longer have them as they are way to many points for me to give up on Weight Watchers. I would rather eat something more filling. My kids on the other hand absolutely love ice cream. Over the weekend we decided to make our own homemade Shamrock Shakes.


The family said they actually liked them and wanted to try different flavors in the future. They also really like these better then McDonald’s. They are so very simple to make. We used two ingredients!

WW Angel Food Cherry Cupcakes 2 Points

WW Angel Food Cherry Cup Cakes

Since the beginning of January I have been doing Weight Watchers. This post is not any way affiliated with weight watchers. It’s just me simple sharing a recipe that I ran through the recipe builder. These are the perfect touch to a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day. The best part about this is you only need three ingredients. Yes it’s that simple.



WW Angel Food Cherry Cupcakes 2 Points


  • 1 box of Pillsbury Premium Angel Food Cake Mix
  • 1/2 cup diet cherry 7 up
  • 1 can cherry pie filling


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