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Edible Outer Layers of the Sun Project – #STEM

Edible Sun

We are currently working on the sun, and I decided to incorporate a STEM project into my daughters learning. The project we did was making edible outer layers of the sun. She currently is learning about how hot the sun is, the gravity, how big the sun is, and so forth. In future lessons we go further into learning about the sun. We watched a few videos on YouTube to learn more before we did our project.

The videos we watched were:

Surface of the sun as you’ve never seen it

The Top 10 Amazing Facts About the Sun

How To Make The Softest Playdough Ever

Softest Playdough

Friday night we had some storms barrel through Wisconsin. At about 9:00 PM we lost our cable and internet. In a way I was glad we lost it as it gave us some time to do things to get away from all that screen time. My daughter and I have been wanting to make different types of play dough. I came across a soft play dough that only required 2 ingredients. My daughter spent hours playing with the play dough.

Dandelion Bubbles – Fun For Kids In Spring

Dadelion Bubbles

Dandelions are so pretty, yet they are weeds that spread like wild flowers across our lawns. Did you know that every part of a dandelion is edible? I kind of cringe at that thought. The hallow stems make amazing bubble fun for kids.

For this activity you will need:




Dandelions with the long stem



Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th

Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th! Want to celebrate in your homeschool or classroom? Check out these easy & creative ideas to get in the spirit!   Pirates - Educents Blog Pirate Treasure Hunt – This is a great activity for pirate fun at home over the weekend! Make your own map, hide pirate treasure, and watch your little ones follow directions to search for the Pirates’ Gold! Island Adventures Reading Program – Join Pete Pirate and his crew with instruction and practice in advanced phonics skills, sight words, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension! 75 lessons teach fundamental reading skills for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Recommended ages 6 to 9. PiratePartyFoods_photo2 Treasure Map Pizza – Decorate your homemade pizza with olives, peppers, and a tiny red pepper for the pirate ship! Meet the McKaws – This is such a fun pirate-themed book for Kindergarteners! Captain Stan and Tiny McKaw are rough-and-tumble pirates. Whether it’s searching for treasure or battling on the high seas, this adventurous duo is up for anything.

How To Make A Swimming Fish – Kids Craft Project #lovesummerart

Swimming Fishes Kids Craft Project


Today’s kids craft project is how to make swimming fishes. I wasn’t really sure what to call it, so I had let my daughter pick out a name for this project and she named it Swimming Fishes. In all reality that is what these fish were meant to do in this project. It actually turned out really nice as the texture on the fiber board make it look like water. The fish just pop out of the painting. We are going to put a frame on once we are totally finished. We still have more fish to paint. I thought this went nicely with the theme love summer art. As when you think of the beach, you think of the ocean. At least we do. The ocean is one place we have yet to see.

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