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Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop – Picasso Sunflowers

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I have been wanting to join this blog hop for a while. I love seeing what the kids have made. It’s also very inspiring to see what others are doing as well. I am always looking for new ideas of things to do with the kids.

The Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop is hosted by: Homeschool Coffee Break, Angels of Heart, A Glimpse of Our Life, and Every Bed of Roses. You can find the linky on one of the hosts blogs.

Good Day Wisconsin – Summer Craft Fun and Tasty Red Gold Tomato Recipe

Today has been an amazing day! Good Day Wisconsin was a lot of fun to be at this morning. I was so very nervous about being on TV, I forgot stuff that I wanted to say. I guess you could say I was camera shy. Definitely a new experience and at least I know what to expect next time. I am a little bummed out that my daughter didn’t go with me as she was so looking forward to going. Instead she watched from the living room being sick. She did have some fun when I came home and you will see how shortly.

Supercharged Science Review


eScienceCollage1jpg_zpsfac31924If your looking for a fun and hands on science program, then Supercharged Science is for you. The e-science Premium Membership allows you to pay for month and you have access to a lot of wonderful material.


Aurora is the creator of the online hands-on-e-science curriculum. This is a complete online science homeschool program. It is a self guided program that your kids can do on their own or you can do it with them. There are many videos, live teleclasses, reading and exercises, quizzes, and experiments and projects. If you have any questions you can ask Aurora. You can also read different comments and questions from people and see Aurora’s response.

Foam Activity Kit Review



I was not asked to do this review. I am doing this on my own. A couple weeks ago I bought the kids a Foam Activity Kit. Makes 24 snowflake ornaments. I thought it would be fun for the kids to make these for the tree.

What you do is you have 3 different color snowflakes: red, white, and blue. You pull out the middles of one color and your suppose to put the middles of another color inside another. Well I must say that this didn’t turn out right. The kids had a hard time. They do not stay flat. So I got a little frustrated, well maybe you could say I didn’t have any patience.

Christmas Crafting with Crayola and Giveaway



My daughter and I had fun crafting some Christmas theme stuff today. Of course I wish my older son would have joined us but he was at my parents as I would have gotten into some bigger stuff with him. I had to tailor this around my daughter’s age group.

I received some Model Magic, Washable Markers, Slick Sticks (which by the way are new to me and absolutely awesome), Colored Pencils, Glitter Glue and a $25.00 Walmart Gift Card. I went to the Walmart immediately and I picked up Crayola Oil Pastels, Crayola Construction Paper, a box of Crayola Poster Paints, and some Crayola Water Paints.

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