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AtHome Store – One Stop Place For All Your Decorating Needs!! #AtHomeStores

AtHome Store Review

I recently had the chance to visit the AtHome Store in Greenfield, WI on Thursday. All I can say is that it seriously is your one stop place for all your decorating needs. The prices are so very reasonable. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in there as you will find many interesting things. Also if you have a child heading off to college you will be able to find everything you need.

AtHome Store Greenfield, WI

Butterfly Gardens and Glow on the Lakeshore Field Trip

Last week Friday we had an amazing day with my daughter. We took her to the Butterfly Gardens and to Glow on the Lakeshore. It was a day of absolute beauty and fun.

Butterfly Gardens

We started out at the Butterfly Gardens. From what the lady said the best time to come and see the butterflies is in mid to late July when you can see all different color butterflies. We saw mostly Monarchs and Painted Lady. There were a couple others but I don’t remember what they were. Every where you look there are butterflies. It was such an amazing experience. If you were lucky they would land on you.

Setting Our Butterflies Free

Painted Lady Butterfly
Sunday was the day we set our butterflies free. They started breaking free starting on Thursday, and the last one broke free on Saturday. Since I wasn’t sure if they were eating or not I decided we should let them go into their natural environment if they were to survive.

Dandelion Bubbles – Fun For Kids In Spring

Dadelion Bubbles

Dandelions are so pretty, yet they are weeds that spread like wild flowers across our lawns. Did you know that every part of a dandelion is edible? I kind of cringe at that thought. The hallow stems make amazing bubble fun for kids.

For this activity you will need:




Dandelions with the long stem



34th Annual Wisconsin District Ladies Retreat – Kindred Spirit #2016WILMRETREAT

Kindred Spirit

This was my first time ever attending the 34th Annual Wisconsin District Ladies Retreat. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had heard stories. I wasn’t even sure what to pray for before attending, but I sure did hope to walk away with something. The theme of the retreat was Kindred Spirit and the main speakers were Donna Linville and Jelling Lumpkin.

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