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Word of the Year 2018 – Laughter

2017 ended as a really rough year. The last 4 months of 2017 have been rough. 2018 hasn’t really started off to be good either. My word last year was Joy. Looking back and reflecting I feel that it is hard to find the joy. There was so much disappointment with the house buying process, fighting the VA and never having a straight answer, and then my health issues and my dad. So picking a word for this year has been very hard. My word for 2018 is Laughter.

Good Bye 2017

Good Bye 2017!! You will not be missed! I surely hope that 2018 is filled with a lot more joy and happiness!  A lot of different things happened this year, new experiences, sadness, new friends, and well new ideas for the next year! Even though this year is not ending on the best of note…..there is a lot to look forward to in 2018.

Things To Look Forward To: 

My son will be starting a Job Explorer Program. It will help with things to expect with employers, how to dress, how to act, budgeting, and it will end with job experience. This program can do way more then I can teach him. I am really excited about it.

Electrified…..Old Neon Lights Exhibit at Neville Museum

Last weekend the Neville Musuem was having an event called Electrified. It was put on by the Neville Museum and the Brown County Library. They had some hands on activities for the kids as well as someone there to talk about how neon signs were made. It started getting really crowded so we never did get the chance to see how the neon signs were made. I did recognize some of them.

As you walk in you see this hanging about the Neon Sign Exhibit. I don’t recall where this one is from. I thought it was pretty neat. The one thing I did notice about these exhibits was that these neon signs were all in the area at one time or another.

Gills Rock Maritime Museum – Deaths Door

For the Fourth of July every year we head up to Gills Rock. If your not familiar with Gills Rock it is in Wisconsin and is one of the many tourist attractions in Door County. You can take the ferry across from Gills Rock to Washington Island. There are a few shops and a park. There are boat launches and a maritime museum. Now Gills Rock is a small town but let me tell you this town has AMAZING fireworks every year. Just when you think it’s the grand finale it’s not. I am blown away each year with the fireworks.


This week was Wi UPCI Ladies Retreat! It was held in Appleton at the Paper Valley Hotel. The theme was Covered, and the stage was decorated with beautiful yellow, pink, and blue umbrellas. The speakers were Vani Marshall and Melanie Shock. Both of these ladies were absolutely wonderful. I am still processing the last three days!

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