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Dr Panda’s Cafe – App Review

Do your children love to cook and bake? My daughter absolutely loves to be in the kitchen with me learning how to cook and clean. Now she can be in her own little kitchen in Dr Panda’s new app called Dr Panda’s Cafe. Your child will get a hands on look at working in restaurant by seating, taking orders, cooking, serving, and cleaning up for some really cute and adorable animals. The suggested age for this is 5 and under, however my daughter is 8 and absolutely loves this app.




Get Qurious – Maker Box Review

Do your kids love stories? Do they like activities to be part of that story? The Get Qurious – Maker Box is a new and amazing product for kids ages 4 – 9. This box set combines a digital story with physical activities that interact with the story.

You receive a box that has puzzle pieces, story cards, masks, and sticker book. You download the Get Qurious app onto your device. The instructions that come in the box are easy and it kind of kids you through which activities to do first. Really you could pick any activity but doing it in order the first time, you really understand what everything is for. As I work through this review I will explain the contents in more detail.

MyTown Beauty Spa Saloon App Review

What little girl doesn’t like to do hair and make up? My daughter loves to do different hair styles on her dolls as well as play with make up. I was really excited to be able to surprise her with the MyTown Beauty Spa Saloon App. It’s all the things she likes to do. The app itself is geared for ages 3-13. I think any age can really enjoy this app.

MyTown Beauty Spa Saloon


Dr. Panda – Hoopa City 2 – App Review

Dr Panda is one of my daughters favorite collections of apps. I don’t think there is an app that has been made that she hasn’t liked. If your not familiar with Dr. Panda they have many different apps out for kids that are enjoyable and engaging. Hoopa City 2 is the most recent app that just came out. My daughter was squeeling with excitement when she found it on the iPad.



Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens App Review – A Puzzle Game


My daughter absolutely loves apps where it gives her a little challenge to think about the things she has to do to complete different levels. AvoKiddo has come out with a new app called Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens. There are two levels: Easy is ideal for younger kids (5+) and the Hard levels for older kids (8+). There are 115 easy puzzles and 113 harder puzzles. My daughter will investigate both levels of the game. She is still working on the easy levels.

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens

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