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Monki Animal Builder App Review

Monki Animal Builder is an app that lets your child have fun, be creative, and use their imagination in creating their own animal.


When you first open the app you press an arrow and you are brought to a page that has 6 eggs. Your child will pick which egg they would like to hatch. I noticed that each egg we picked had a different shape that it hatched. One hatched you press on the body.


Sticker Play: Knights, Dragons and Castles App Review

If your child loves the medieval times then you have to check out Sticker Play: Knights, Dragons and Castles. This is an amazing app that we seriously could spend hours playing. This is interactive sticker book with sound and animation.


There is a wide variety of knights, king, queen, dragons, catapult, battering rams and many other things to choose from to make your scenes. You have 5 different scenes to choose from.


Rio (The Official App for the Movie) Review

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We are so excited about the second movie for Rio coming out. My family can’t wait to see it. In the mean time we are really enjoying Rio (The Official App for the Movie).


In case you didn’t know Blu, is a blue macaw, who lives in Minnesota. With his keeper he is going to Rio De Janiro to meet another blue macaw named Jewel. Once Blu gets to Rio and meets Jewel the unexpected journey begins. There is one thing about Blue. He can’t fly. Will Blu learn to fly? You have to listen to the story to find out.

State Bingo and Geography Crossword App Review


State Bingo and Geography Crossword is a very nifty little app that makes learning the states shapes, abbreviations, and capitals fun.

This app has three modes: easy, medium, and hard. Of course with my son, I had to choose the easy as this is all new to him yet. Then you can choose Bingo or a Crossword Puzzle.


The first thing we did was play Bingo. You solve the riddles to place your piece on the bingo card. You can even use a beautifully illustrated map to look for clues. When you win you send a state to state hood.

Talking Shapes iPad Review


Talking Shapes iPad App is an interactive reading program for grades preschool through Kindergarten, developed by Talking Fingers, Inc. Talking Fingers is based off a simple idea that text is speech made visible. If you think about it , we use our mouths to talk and our fingers to write those sounds on paper. Kids learn how to make a connection of the sound of the letters that they are writing.


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