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Ndebele House Art

In science we have been working on the African Grasslands. We have been learning about the habitat and the different animals. Well I have been wanting to add some art into our curriculum as it’s been a while since we had the chance to do art. I stumbled up on Ndebele House art. It was a lesson plan in one of my art subscriptions. Even though we didn’t study the Ndebele people I thought it would be fun to tie it in as a theme.

Our Week In Review – Germies Hit

Our week wasn’t very productive as we got hit with the germies again. I am really tired of all this sickness. The way the weather has been it surely doesn’t help our cause. I would really just like to evict the germies.

My daughter gave us a scare and we almost ended up in the ER. She still has a low grade fever today but seems to be doing better. Hoping that fever breaks soon. She has bronchitis. My son’s fever finally broke yesterday and he was feeling great again!

Get Qurious – Maker Box Review

Do your kids love stories? Do they like activities to be part of that story? The Get Qurious – Maker Box is a new and amazing product for kids ages 4 – 9. This box set combines a digital story with physical activities that interact with the story.

You receive a box that has puzzle pieces, story cards, masks, and sticker book. You download the Get Qurious app onto your device. The instructions that come in the box are easy and it kind of kids you through which activities to do first. Really you could pick any activity but doing it in order the first time, you really understand what everything is for. As I work through this review I will explain the contents in more detail.

Chemistry 101 – DVD Curriculum Review

Chemistry 101 Review

One of my sons favorite subjects is science. He loves the hands on way of learning and is a very visual child. I was really excited to be introduced to The 101 Series. The 101 Series is Chemistry 101 , Biology 101 and Physics 101. For this review I did receive the DVD of Chemistry 101. This particular curriculum has a Christian approach. It best suitable for ages 15 and up.


Sentence Diagramming: Beginning – The Critical Thinking Co. Review

Sentence Diagramming Review

I remember being a kid and having to learn the different parts to sentence diagramming. I don’t think I really liked it back then to be honest. Grammar wasn’t one of my best subjects. However, the one thing we have been working on is sentences and sentence structure. So I was really excited to see that The Critical Thinking Co. had a book out called Sentence Diagramming: Beginning for review. This particular book can be used with grades 3 – 12. It was interesting to see that my daughter is the total opposite of what I was back in school. She actually really enjoys this!

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