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DIY Geoboard and Resources

DIY Geoboard and Resources

Geoboards are a mathematical manipulatives used to explore the basic concepts in plane geometry. You can use them for many things. A few examples would be for shapes, art,  letters, numbers, even constellations for stars,  to name just a few. The boards normally are a physical board with nails in them, in which rubber bands can be wrapped around. I have seen many different geoboard designs. I also have seen geoboards made out of many different things.

Learn How To Make Your Own DIY Geoboard

DIY Geoboard

Standard Deviants Accelerate Review


If your looking for an affordable and easy-to-use online curriculum supplement for homeschooling, including video lessons, review activities, quizzes, writing assignments, and tests, I highly recommend Standard Deviants Accelerate.

There are many choices of classes to choose from in Standard Deviants Accelerate Homeschool Courses. The classes vary for grade but suggested age is 8 and up. Here is a list of the courses:

  • Arithmetic – Gr 3 +
  • Fundamental Math – Gr 4+
  • Earth Science – Gr 6+
  • Nutrition – Gr 6+
  • Algebra – Gr 7+
  • Biology – Gr 7+
  • Chemistry -Gr 9+

FREE Minecraft Books and Guide For The Minecraft Lover

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If you haven’t checked out minecraft I highly suggest that you do. Your kids will love it. I love the fact that it builds creativity and great imagination. We even incorporate it in our homeschool day for certain subjects. The kids like the break from the traditional book and worksheets.

Kids that love minecraft may like the Mindcraft novels that I found on Amazon. I know if I find something the kids like they tend to be interested in whatever I can find. I do not know all the content in these books so I would highly suggest that you glance over it before you allow your children to read it. The novels I found look to be geared towards kids.

Field Trip Friday – Salmon Fishery Facilities Open House


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Today I am joining in Field Trip Friday a day late, it is hosted by Chestnut Grove Academy. This isn’t a new field trip for us and we go to the fishery a few times a year in both spring and fall. My favorite time to go is in the fall when the leaves are changing and it’s much cooler.

Today was a dreary day and the kids have been sick for the last couple weeks. We really needed to get out of the house. It was chilly, cold, and rainy. We decided that since C.D. “BUZZ” Besadny Anadromous Fisheries Facilities was having their open house today, we would check it out. We have never been there during the open house.

Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Book 1 Review

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I have heard so many wonderful things about Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), that when we had the chance to review it I was really excited. I have been wanting to teach my son how to write better and understand some of the things he is writing. He isn’t very good with sentences and paragraphs. Now parts of speech he is pretty good at, which was his strength as we worked through this.

We received:

Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Book 1 – Teacher Manual – $19.00

Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Book 1 – $15.00

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