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100 Free Resources For Your Homeschool

100 Free Homeschool Resources

Today I am sharing 100 free resources for your homeschool. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive. I know that curriculum can be expensive, especially when you live pay check to pay check. I know I am there at times. I buy everything I need at tax time. Sometimes I buy things that end up not working with my children or things I don’t find interesting enough. So I end up switching or creating my own.

My Week In Review – Take a Peek At What We Have Done

My Week In Review Homeschool Week 1

I am linking up to My Week In Review hosted by Home to 4 Kiddos. I love being able to see what other homeschoolers are doing as well as what they are using. So if you are a homeschooler and would like link up, visit the host :) .

We had a pretty good week this week. I even have come up with some more projects for us to do next week for our Ocean theme for science for both kids. My oldest is kind of fussing though at one of the projects. Oh well. We had one day off this week as we baked cookies and one day was a shorter day. Next week we should be back on track.

Ocean Experiments – Waves and Density

Ocean Experiments Water and Density, salt water experiments, homeschool, science

Today I will show you 2 ocean experiments: waves and density. I am currently working on an ocean theme with both of my kids. I am working at each ones level. Yesterday I was working on this with my daughter. As we go I will be sharing the different experiments we have and sharing the books we are using with printables,

The first experiment is Making Waves.

You will need:

a cake pan


a straw (one per child)

blue food coloring


Week 3 – North Star Geography – Royal Observatory Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip Royal Observatory Greenwich

One of the things we learned about was the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. We also learned about different map projection and scales. Since we cannot visit Greenwich at this time, I thought it would be nice to put together a little virtual field trip.

Virtual Field Trip

Royal Observatory – ©canstockphoto11395208

The Royal Observatory is home of the Greenwich Meantime and the Prime Meridian. This sight is one of the most historic scientific sites in the world. The Royal Observatory was founded by Charles II in 1675, by international decree, is the starting point of a new day and a new year.

All About Reading Is An Amazing Reading Program That Works – Review

*This post does contain an affiliate link:

Reading Program That Works!

All About Reading Review

All About Reading is an amazing reading program that does work! I received All About Reading Level 1 in a giveaway that I won awhile back. Honestly I wasn’t even sure I wanted to use it. I thought I was happy with the reading program I was using at the time. All I ran into was frustration. I tried really hard to get my daughter to sound out words. When we would get to the story it was like I had to read every word to her.

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