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Kids Around The World Giveaway

Bonnie Rose Hudson is coming out with a book called Asia It’s People and History which is releasing on February 24. What can I tell you so far about it? I absolutely love it as it’s a combination of geaography 10/40 Window Study. You will be able to ready my review next week. 

I am very excited to let you know that today there is an awesome giveaway to share. The giveaway is missions/geography focused and you also have a chance to win a Kindle E-Reader!

kids around the world giveaway 2

Christmas Crafting with Crayola and Giveaway



My daughter and I had fun crafting some Christmas theme stuff today. Of course I wish my older son would have joined us but he was at my parents as I would have gotten into some bigger stuff with him. I had to tailor this around my daughter’s age group.

I received some Model Magic, Washable Markers, Slick Sticks (which by the way are new to me and absolutely awesome), Colored Pencils, Glitter Glue and a $25.00 Walmart Gift Card. I went to the Walmart immediately and I picked up Crayola Oil Pastels, Crayola Construction Paper, a box of Crayola Poster Paints, and some Crayola Water Paints.

I Even Funnier Book Review and Giveaway #IEvenFunnier



I Even Funnier is the side-splitting second installment in James Patterson’s hilarious #1 New York Times bestselling series for kids.

Middle schooler Jamie Grimm has big dreams of being a stand-up comic and he’s not about to let anything get in his way of making his dreams come true! In this second book in the series, Jamie  is off to the state finals in the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest, but there’s another kid who thinks he’s a million times funnier then Jamie…who will win? 

You have to check out the sample to the book I Even Funnier.

Devotions from Genesis Review and Giveaway



Devotions from Genesis is the first book in the series of devotions through the Torah.  There also is a second book called Devotions from Exodus Part 1. I was able to get both copies in pdf format, however I have only read Devotions from Genesis. It’s a beautiful journey through the Torah written by Nicole Love Halbrooks Vaughn. For me this began my journey into reading the bible and growing my relationship with God, and learning to understand things more in depth. So today I will share with you about the book and my thoughts on this book.

Coming Home For Christmas DVD Review and Giveaway



Norman Rockwell Presents Coming Home for Christmas. This is a perfect movie for the whole family. It shows you families aren’t perfect but with a little work they can turn out to be perfect.

The two sisters got into a fight and haven’t spoken for years. The parents felt the pain of the girls not talking, which drove a wedge between them. The parents lost their house and ended up separating. One of the girls is determined to bring the whole family together at Christmas, and in the process finds love. The only problem is that the house they grew up in was sold. I can’t give you to much information as it will ruin the movie.

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