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An Update on Autism, Seizure and School


It’s been a while since I have update and some good things are about to happen with the Autism side of things. Dakota has been on a waiting list for a children’s waiver since June we finally got a call to let us know he no longer on the waiting list. My case manager came out and we did another functional screening. We created a plan and that plan is to have him go to an after school group 5 days a week and 3 hours a day. However, that might have to be changed to 4 days a week as he goes to Youth Group on Wednesdays. We are also going to get help with living skills and he will have a mentor. This is all just to start. So that is good news. He will finally start getting the help that he needs.

Girl Scouts Gold Award = Very Disappointed

I have to tell you a story about a wonderful girl who is in a ambassador girl scout troop in which I am a co-leader of. The girl is 21 and is a special needs child. She has been in Girl Scouts since she was a brownie. The reason why she is still in Girl Scouts was that she was in High School until this past year and we are finishing it up at the end of September.

Sunshine Award and Bodacious Blogger

Good Morning All. I received this bright fun Sunshine Award from Dimes2Vines. This is a newer blog that I follow from Friday Follow and one that do get to read everyday I am in my google reader. I also received this award from Stephanie over at A Pocket Full Of Buttons. I love her blog as she puts her real feelings into it. Let me rephrase that. She speaks her mind and I Love it!!  Thank you so much for thinking of me.

As I understand the rules of accepting this award, I should pass it on as follows:

Happy 101 Blog Award

I received the Happy 101 blog award from Catherine at Living the Gourmet and Liz from Mommy’s Little Corner. Thank you so much Catherine and Liz for thinking of me. If you have never been to Catherine’s site she has some mouth watering recipes that she shares and I absolutely love them. She has a recipe for Blueberry Muffins that I am going to be trying sometime this weekend. If you haven’t stopped by Liz’s site check it out. She participates in meme’s and has some very interesting information on her site.

Kreative Blogger Award

I received the Kreative Blogger award from Catherine at the Living the Gourmet. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Rules for accepting this award:
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7 Things People Don’t Know
  1. My favorite Disney character is Tinkerbell
  2. My favorite dinner is Cheesy Chicken Rice
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