The Cat of Bubastes – Christian Audio Drama CD Review

Cat Review

Does your children and family enjoy listening to adventures? My kids really enjoy listening to audio drams, especially the ones that keep you on your seat and you want to keep listening because you want to know what happens next. Heirloom Audio Productions has a new audio drama out called The Cat of Bubastes. This audio drama is great for the whole family.

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The Cat of Bubastes is set back in Ancient Egyptian times. Young Prince Amuba and his faithful mentor and protector Jethro were captured when the city was conquered. Prince Amuba was the next in line to be King when his father was killed. Since they were captured he didn’t feel as if he was a prince/and or king anymore but a captive. There were taken to the city of Thebes were they lived with the High Priest and his family. In those times slaves who could speak Egyptian were treated with more respect. Amuba had learned Egyptian from the guards.

The High Priest took his son, Amuba, and Jethro on a fun adventure to learn skills of hunting and fishing. After their return the boys ended up in one of the pyramids over hearing someone plotting a murderous attack on the family. Will they all escape the plot? What will be the outcome? Does the prince end up back ruling his land? Well I won’t answer any of these questions as you will have to listen and find out.

Our Thoughts: 

We really enjoyed listening to this story. I was really surprised at the kindness of the High Priest. Even though Jethro and Amuba were considered slaves or captives, they were treated with kindness and respect. The High Priest knew about Amuba being a prince/king, and he kept it secret as he knew that one he would be valuable but he then probably would be mistreated. It was almost like he treated them more like family.

The story to me was about faith, loyalty, and even discovering the one true God. I was very surprised that a High Priest would look into the mysteries and wonders of God. Back in those time they worshipped different Gods for different things.

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We had to listen to the story straight through the first time. We really wanted to know what would happen next. The second time we listened to the story we used the 47 page study guide and went over the questions with each track. The one thing I really liked about this study guide that made it different was the fact that there was blurbs of information through out that talked about the history of Ancient Egypt. I think that added to our learning even more. I have always loved using the study guide as it is a way to make sure the kids are listening and comprehending what is happening.

Cat of Bubastes eBook_zpsiphifnsu

We also received the book on pdf. We didn’t have the chance to read the book but we will set aside time to read it as it will be interesting to see how different it is from the CD. We had the chance to listen to the sound track as well. Loved just listening to the music while we did some of our work. There is also a video of the making and behind the scenes of the CD. That is always such a treat to watch as you learn a little more about the characters as well as those doing the acting.

If you haven’t ever heard any of the Christian Audios from Heirloom Audio Productions, I highly recommend checking them out. We have loved every single one that has come out. We are always looking forward to the next one. For me it’s been really hard to pick a favorite because they all are just that good. I do have to say I think this one is my favorite for now. The reason is kindness goes along way and I think it’s a lesson we could all learn from this.

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Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

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