Carole P. Roman – Children’s Author – Review

One of our favorite authors is Carole P. Roman. Our favorite series of books has been If You Were Me and Lived In…, which is a child’s introduction to cultures around the world. My daughter and I were really excited to receive 4 amazing books from Carole P. Roman for our review. We received Oh Susannah: It’s in the bag, If You Were Me And Lived In…Australia, If You Were Me And Lived In…Germany, and Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis.

Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis is a book for ages 3 – 8. Captain No Beard and his crew are heading for adventures in the icy waters of the Arctic. Captain No Beard follows north by the North Star. His crew wonders what he is up to. His plan is to steal the Aurora Borealis because it is his favorite. The crew knew that stealing was wrong so they tried to talk Captain No Beard out of it. They also know that you can’t steal it from the sky as that is unrealistic. So to change his mind they have him create pictures to have memories of it. – I love the fact that this book teaches that stealing is wrong. I also love the little tidbits of information about the Aurora Borealis. In the end the crew teaches him how to make it a beautifully created memory. My point is that there is a lesson to be taught in this book.

If You Were Me And Lived In…Germany is a book for ages 4 – 9. The book is about German just as the title says. It started out with a little history about Germany and where it is located. It talks about the capital city of Berlin. The book talks about famous boy and girl names. In this book I loved that they mentioned different foods. I would have liked to have made a few of these recipes for my daughter to try. We loved reading about Neuschwanstein Castle. I didn’t realize that this castle was the inspiration for Disneyland. There was also the Miniature Wunderland that was mentioned. It is the worlds largest model railway. The amount of trains, lights and figures are just amazing. We learned about the sport Fussball, and that in the United States we call it Soccer. It is one of the popular Sports in Germany. – Learning about the culture was very fascinating. I can see us rereading this again and doing more research on some of the things that were mentioned. I would love to explain the Berlin Wall to my daughter in more detail. I also would love to see more pictures of the Castle. One thing I loved about this was that you learned German words for things such as Aunt, Uncle, ice cream, and some other food.

If You Were ME and Live In…Australia is a book for ages 4 – 9. Like the title this book talks about Australia. My daughter learned that people from Australia were called Aussies. It talks about the capital city of Canberra, and then it goes into popular girl and boy names. One of the spots in this book that was talked about was The Great Barrier Reef. I don’t think my daughter knows how pretty that actually is. She was excited when it mentioned dolphins. Then it talks about the foods. One of the foods I have heard of is Vegimite. It is a vegetable paste. My daughter was like YUCK right away as it didn’t sound good to her. I had told her don’t knock it until you try it. One of the games that are played in Australia is cricket. She didn’t really understand it, but that is ok. It talked about Australia Day. – Again there is so much that can be learned from this book. There is so much we can continue to explore because of this book. I have to admit that Australia is one place that I would love to go and see.

Oh Susannah: It’s in the Bag is a book for ages 7 – 12. Susannah is in 3rd grade. The book starts out as hectic in the morning as she didn’t finish her math homework because she couldn’t remember how to do it. Her mom is in a hurry in the morning as well as her dad. She has to eat what she calls porridge and her mom keeps telling her to eat a banana which she doesn’t like. She puts the banana in her bag and heads to school. Her day only seems to get worse and worse. Her friend is talking about a sleep over this weekend and Susannah isn’t excited about it at, yet she does pretend to be. She finds out there is a surprise math quiz and ends up failing it. The quiz has to come home to be signed. Then she has to pick out a book for her book report but has trouble finding one. The pressure just seems to be growing on her at this point. She then goes to gym and forgets her shoes. So the teacher sends a phamplet home for her to read with her parents. At this point her bag is getting heavier and heavier and she can’t close her bag. She ends up have a big banana mess as well in her bag. She gets home and goes up stairs and puts the bag under her bed. She falls asleep and walks up screaming. It’s at this point everything comes out. Her parents realize they have to stop being busy and make time for her, and she has to realize how to prioritize things to stay on top of things. – This was my daughters favorite book. She said she thought the banana was kind of a funny mess. This also does have a message for us that we shouldn’t be to busy for others. We have to slow down and make sure to prioritize. I think why my daughter liked it was she could probably relate to parts of the story. In fact there are times I am telling her to hurry up. So I could see my self in this story as well. It was a great read aloud for us to read together.

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