Captain Bayley’s Heir – Audio Drama Review

One of the things I absolutely love to do for history is listen to the audio drams from Heirloom Audio Productions. They keep you wanting to know what is going to happen next and at the edge of your seat. They are a nice break for us from our history books. We also listen to them over and over in the car riding to Green Bay. We had the honor to review Captain Bayley’s Heir. If your wondering the age group for this…this is perfect for the whole family!

Captain Bayley’s Heir is set back in the time period of the Gold Rush. It starts out in England. Fred and Frank went to school together. Now the boys got in trouble a couple times and at the worst. Frank was facing being expelled for something he didn’t do. He had asked Fred to take a letter to his Uncle and well….and what we thought at first was that didn’t go very well. Fred gave Frank 20 pounds and he head to America so he could make a name for himself and prove his innocence later. He starts his first adventure working on a boat. That was quite an adventure as they were in a storm and Frank was knocked out. The captain was very concerned because he really liked Frank. Thankfully he did come too. He then was set up to go out west. He ended up meeting Abe and his friends and started the journey with them. They ended up being business partners and he did well for himself. Frank was a Hero a couple times! Did Frank ever go back home to clear his name?

The Gold Rush was a time period that happened kinda quickly and fizzled out. If you thought about it right you could actually have made good money. Frank and his friends did exactly that with working on the claim and selling to the prospectors. Eventually they meet a son and father. The son is tired as they have not made any money and they haven’t eaten and his father is very sick. Frank goes over to them and offers medicine. At first the offer was denied but later they checked on the father and he was so very sick. It took a week of healing for him to feel better. The father’s name is Mr. Adams. Mr. Adams had told Frank about a dream he had finding gold by a tree and stone. He had that dream several times. Frank listened to him and they discovered that there may have been a river there. They made Mr. Adams a generous offer of him paying wages and using the stake to work through their claims as well. They ended up finding nuggets. When enough was enough Mr. Adams and his son went back to England. He was very fond of Frank because he saved his life and was very generous and kind to him. Mr. Adams took back a message to Alice and Uncle Bayley. Come to find out Fred never gave the letter to Uncle Bayley. We never did find out why he didn’t. I would have liked to known why because they were such good friends. There is something that happens towards the end that will shock you. I really don’t want to say to much.

One of my favorite things that they talk about is God’s Grace. You can do the best you can in life and the gaps are filled with God’s Grace. It isn’t something that you are given. It’s a gift from God. Frank learns of God’s Grace during this audio drama.

Now your probably wondering about the heir of Captain Bayley. It talks about his daughter and how he didn’t like her pick of a husband and how angry he was. She ran off and got married and he learned she had later passed. Well Frank had Mrs. Hall working in the house and she saw the crest… Mrs. Hall has a son she adopted named Harry. Mrs. Hall and her husband her something outside their house one night. There was a woman and baby. The woman was really ill and she passed away. So they decided to keep the baby and raise it as their own. Come to find out later because of the necklace she was wearing it was Captain Bayley’s grandson. What a reunion that was. What kindness and thankfulness Captain Bayley showed the Halls. It also is a part in the story about forgiveness.

There is a Study Guide that can be used with the audio drama. It has some Listening Well questions that ask what your child has comprehended while listening to the story. There are Thinking Further questions that make you think more about the characters characteristics, drawing conclusions, different ways to follow up on the story with your child. Then you have defining words. That works great as it increases there vocabulary. At the end of the story you will find some suggested reading for the Victorian Age and the American West for further reading. There are also three brief bible studies as well.

One thing I really like is the  Thinking Further questions. It’s not really just about the characters in the story but it dives into what is actually going on. Your kind of doing a little more research into what your listening to. For example some of the questions were: When was the Gold Rush? What effects did the Gold Rush have on America? There was a part that talked about the buffalo stampede. It asked you to find the buffalo population. Your learning about the economic conditions in London. How much people were paid and who was actually doing the work? It gives you more to think about, as well as learning more about the background and history. I also liked the tidbits of history and facts that you find through out the study guide. We found them to be very interesting.

I used this with my son. We listened to a few chapters daily. We worked through the study guide as we went along. We both really enjoyed the audio drama! It was hard to stop at times because we wanted to know what happened next. The Study Guide really adds more insight to what your listening too. I really do find it useful and helpful to learn the background of what we are learning. Not only that but it is important to know that my son was listening and comprehending as well. So I did enjoy those questions to keep him on his toes! I know that my daughter will absolutely love these stories as well. So I will be using these with her as well.


Captain Bayley's Heir {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

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