Captain Absolutely – Book Review

Do you your kids enjoy comic books, or as they call them now graphic novels? My son does enjoy them. I was really excited to share Captain Absolutely from Focus on the Family with the kids. It is a Christian comic book and I think it is good for ages 3rd grade and up.

Captain Absolutely is kind of amazing how he came to be. The story takes place in Metropolitanville and starts out in the library. Josiah is one that likes sunflower seeds. While he was upgrading the dewey decimal system at the library one dropped into the computer. There was an explosion and Josiah was trapped in a room with Bibles. Josiah started reading the Bibles for the first time, while he was reading a leak from the radioactive core was filling the room. He turned into Captain Absolutely who is going to save the town of Metropolitanville. Lots of bad things were happening to the town. The villains were trying to keep the Word of God away from the people, and trying to turn them away from God. Captain Absolutely would fight them with different verses from the Word of God. In the end the moral of the story is Gods Word prevailed!

This comic book isn’t just a story. It talks about many different topics that are very true in this day and age. We can be swayed by the music we listen to, books we read, games we play, and programs we watch on tv. Many people to this day still have to hide their Bibles because they are not allowed in some countries. One could really get in trouble having a Bible in some places in the world. Another topic was hygiene and how it is important to take care of yourself. Other topics were fear, confusion, grudge, and more.

The kids and I read this together. The kids would take turns reading each page. We read the whole comic book in a day because they wanted to know what had happened next. The moral of the story is that it teaches you about God’s absolute truth through the different topics. At the end there is a list of each character. There are also questions to answer at the end of the book.

I liked that bible verses were mentioned through out the comic book and even in the character pages. What I would like to do is reread it again with the kids and go to the Bible verses as they come out. I think this could be a really great teaching took.

The pictures in this comic book were done vividly and colorful. The characters in the story were captivating. The way the story moves you really do want to find out what is going to happen next. Again I think this is much more then a comic book, it something that the kids can learn about or reinforce what they already know. I also think that this can build character.

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Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}

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