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We are in the third week of blogging through the alphabet with Ben and Me Blog. This weeks letter is the letter C. I have been doing a lot of thinking about my children the last few days. I have though about how each one of them are growing up way to fast. I am afraid to blink and miss something. My children are my world.

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This past week I have been spending a lot more time with them. I have talked to my oldest who is living in Ohio. I can’t believe that now has his own place and is thinking about college. He called to tell me that he found out the results of the state testing. He passed so that means he is going to graduate later this month. I am really proud of him. He has a job, got his drivers licence, bought a truck, pays insurance, and has moved into his own apartment (well not his own but shares it the expenses with his sister). I really miss him. It has been almost a year since I have seen him. I feel like I am missing out on some of the milestones yet. Now it is his time to blossom and make his own mistakes and learn from them.

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My daughter and I spent the whole day together last Saturday. We went out in the yard and played catch, tried to fly a kite, went for a walk with the dog, and then we went to different parks. We had a blast. I know she was so tired but she didn’t want to fall asleep. I told her I had a lot of fun with her. With a big smile on her face she says to me, “You had fun with me? I had fun with you too”. That just melted my heart. She is no longer the little pigtails that I have held in my arms. I could do her hair with out her fussing or trying to be so independent. She wants to be so independent. I love the fact that she is curious and loves to learn new things. I also love how she has taken an interest in ice skating. She loves going to her lessons. She is so proud when she passes. So far she has passed them all but I noticed that the lessons are getting harder, which means her and I will have to go out on the ice and practice a extra day or two each week.


My youngest son will be a teenager this year. I can’t believe he is already going to be a teenager. I am going through this stage for a second time. He does not like school. If it doesn’t pertain to his interest he thinks he isn’t going to need it. I understand where he is coming from. He has to realize he still has to do it. He loves art and music. He also loves his video games. It’s nice out now so he is finally enjoying the weather until it gets to hot to go outside. I love how sweet he can be when he wants. At times he is awesome with his sister. Of course, you know how siblings are they love to fight. At least mine seem too. I have enjoyed watching him blossom and learn new things.


I am really enjoying the extra time I get to spend with them while homeschooling. I feel like sometimes I am relearning things all over again. I try to make it fun for them so they will have the want to learn. Although it is hard with my son as well the want to learn isn’t there all the time. It is wonderful just seeing them make the milestones. My daughter gets so excited at times. Especially right now as we are reading really easy books. She will say, ” I did it all by myself”. I love the confidence she has.

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A couple nights ago we played monopoly for the longest time. That was really fun as we haven’t played that for a while. The giggles and the excitement of where you were going to land was so much fun. I love those moments. I wish my son would join us more when we played games. I plan to have another game night with them really soon.

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Tonight will be another night of family time. We rented The Nut Job, Walking with the Dinosaurs, and The Little Rascals Save the Day. I treasure the time we can spend together.

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