C.D. “Buzz” Besadny Anadromoous Fisheries Facility Homeschool Tour

Today I had arranged for a bunch of homeschoolers to get together and tour one of the fisheries near us. I thought it was very interesting. Learned a lot of things I didn’t know as well. The kids loved it as well. I really enjoyed listening to the kids asking questions as well.

Right now the Chinook Salmon are running and they are half way through there spawning. I had no idea that once they hatched and they became finger fish I think she said they release them back into the river so they get the scent of the river and that is where they come back to spawn. They said you don’t want to eat salmon over 35 inches as the bigger they are the more pollution they are filled with. Didn’t quite understand that one but was like ok.

The salmon swim in and swim up ladders into the pool pond where they are taken in and their eggs are collected. I didn’t realize they die after they spawned. Kinda sad but some of the salmon that come in are the ages between 2 – 4.

Who knew salmon eggs were bright orange. lol

Did you know that salmon don’t like the color orange? They have someone dressed in orange to help keep the salmon crowded or something like that. I can’t remember.

It was so neat to see them swimming up stream popping in and out of the water. You can tell they are tired though where they are in the ladders.

The sad thing is the river is low and they are not coming in like they normally do. The next type of salmon to run is the coho salmon and they run October through November.

Let me give you a little history.

Trout and salmon have been stocked into Lake Michigan since the late 1960’s. Originally, the fish were stocked to control the invasive alewife population, the focus has now shifted to maintaining the trout and salmon sport fishery in the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan.

On site development of BAFF began in 1989 and the first fish and eggs were collected in the fall of 1990. Construction of the processing building in 1996 completed the site and includes a lobby area for public viewing of spawning operations and educational displays.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Besadny Anadromous Fisheries Facility (BAFF) is an egg collection station near the city of Kewaunee. Trout and Salmon migrating from Lake Michigan are led by flowing water past two underwater viewing windows in a fish ladder that leads them to six collection ponds. Fish are moved from the ponds into the processing building to be spawned and harvested.

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