BY THE BOOK: How to Take Care of MY Kids Review and Giveaway


I was asked to do a review on BY THE BOOK: How to Take Care of MY Kids book by Karen Berg. I must say this is an absolute must have for ANY parent with children.  This book connects the families with the caregiver.

Did I catch your attention yet? Well if not listen up.. This book is a must have for any parent that has a babysitter, caregiver, nanny, or grandparents that watch their children. This book will provide you with a wealth of information to give to whom ever cares for your kids. The pages are ready to be copied and wrote on as your provide the information on your child. When you run out of copies you can either recopy the book or purchase downloadable refills from This book is very customizable as when you need to add something or change something you can as your children grow up. Let me break this down into sections.

The first section of this book is the basics. This section contains printable forms for your child’s daily routines. To break this down even more it has you fill out their meds, what kind of meals do they have, is there a nap time, snack time, favorite toy, and so forth. Very interesting and very detailed here. The next part of this section is what kind of allergies and special needs is there. Very good information to have as you may think of it one minute and forget to say it another minute. School Information is  the next area it  lists the times the children attend as well as teacher, principal, instructions, directions and etc. Is your child in any extra curricular activities is the last for this section.

extra curricular details

The next part  is letting the caregiver know what your child’s likes and dislikes are. If your children are like mine there are certain foods they won’t eat, certain things they like to do and routines they have. This part will especially come in handy for describing some fo the things about my autistic son. Oh yeah and you can even list things that are OFF limits to them in this section. I love it!

There is a discipline section. Which this part can be touchy but it lists different options here. Which is really good to know so that you know what to do if a child tests you. For instance I would check the box time out and add a minute for their age. You know how some babysitters get flustered and don’t know what to do well now they will know so things can stay consistent in your house. Another thing I probably would not  have thought of.

The last part of section one contains house hold odd and ends and pet survival information.

Now we get into the second part of the book The Caregivers Notes. This part is designed for nannies and babysitters. I will include a picture of how the sitter notes look. The form is very handy as it tells what’s going on today, numbers to reach me, when will I return and while I am gone which you can reference things from the first section. If you have a nanny that form is very detailed right down to meals, bathroom, snacks, adventures and etc.

sitter notes

The third part of the book is about emergencies. This is my FAVORITE part of this book.  Who do I call list… lists every number you can possibly think of. Then lastly which I NEVER would have thought of is a consent form to treat a minor in case of an emergency. I think this is very clever and something everyone should have. They also have forms for emergency equipment, unusual circumstances, and child identification.

The fourth part of this book is all about medical information. Illness log, immunizations, and etc. I won’t go into much detail about this as I think you can get the picture.

Lastly the last section is dedicated to the parents giving you information on interview questions for a baby sitter and a nanny. There is a nanny application and agreement. Again something that is very handy.

If you would like purchase a hard copy of this book you can go to to order for 25% off with the coupon code:


Now on to the contest details: What you will win is an ebook copy of  BY THE BOOK: How to Take Care of MY Kids.  The first and mandatory entry is to let us know what you think the the best part of this book would be? Is there a section that really stands out that you have never thought of?

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