Bullying From A Parents Perspective – It totally needs to Stop!!

Stop Bullying

I know in the past I have posted about bullying. It is really hard to watch when your own child is the one getting bullied. When I was younger I was bullied as well. However, in days today bullying is much more easy to do as kids have access to internet, social media and smart phones. Kids now a days seem so much meaner then in my day.

A couple months my son received a text from a so called friend. Asking him if he did something. My son then got really upset and called the kids and said what kind of question is that, that is what gets you into trouble. Well the kid proceeded to say via text that he believed the other kids more then him. I was totally shocked when my son told. At first I was telling him to calm down and quit swearing and when he told me what the issue was. I immediately called that kids mom to ask WHO was spreading this rumor. I really don’t want to get into what the rumor was because it is some serious accusations. The mom said she would talk to her son and call me back. Well it must not have been important to her because my husband had to confront her at work and ask her where her son heard from. He over heard the kids say it at the library. I was really upset that I called my sons case manager as I didn’t know what to do. Those were some serious accusations and I know for a fact my son didn’t do it because he is always home.  He doesn’t get to leave the house. This has been since June. So I called the police. Thankfully it was an officer we knew and it was one that knows my family and kids. I don’t mean that as we are troubled family because we are not. He said that because we don’t know exactly what he heard or if he heard it verbatim he was just going to document this. He said there have been no reports into the station and my son does not have a record. He said this is a sick joke that the kids are playing. So at least I had documentation started.

Well a couple days ago via text they started picking on my son. They started talking to him as if he was gay. My son then said stop spreading rumors about me. The kid then threatened my son. My son instead of saying anything back handed me the phone. I said this is his mother just so you know and if you continue to harass my son, I will be calling the cops. I got then k sorry and man sorry. I said sorry is not good enough. Enough is enough already. Then the boy came and stated who is was and made another serious accusation. I blew then. I said my son does not go anywhere and he didn’t do it. I said since you want to keep making accusations I am calling the police. So I called and I was beyond angry at this point. I was so fired up at dispatch I couldn’t calm down. I called my case manager again who handles Dakota’s case to make her aware of what happened. An officer came to the house. He was new to me not one I knew. I joked and said well I was hoping you were someone else but I can’t give you a chance if we don’t get to know you. He laughed. He said well this is the first time I am meeting your son as again my son has no record. I explained what happened before and he said that it was documented. So he was aware. The kid keeps changing his story about these accusations and isn’t consistent for one. The officer took pictures of the texts and said that boys case manager was at the police station and he was going to talk to her. I have no idea what happened after that. I did hear that it went to child services. Anytime the kids get into trouble that’s where it gets referred. The officer said if it keeps up to keep calling and showing them proof.

I am furious because this happened during school hours. Well kids and their computers and their cell phones can connect to the internet. This is how this happened. It makes me feel that the school enables this! If I tell the school what happened would they just blow it off. Probably because they can’t keep an eye on every kid.

I am furious because I don’t know how deep these accusations run in my sons head. Obviously he was bothered about the first one when he said stop spreading rumors. I don’t think my son will get to a point to do something stupid. It sits in the back of my mind. Since he has autism he can’t necessarily get his feelings out. I am thankful for the case manager we do have because she documents to and since he is getting services from the county there are things that can help us work through this. We have a case manager because my sons is on a children’s waiver for his autism.

It is kind of sad that this bullying is enabled and it’s sad because this really deforms my sons character. I know for a fact he didn’t do anything because he doesn’t go anywhere. That in itself is a long story.

Whose fault is it this kid bullies like that? Is it the parents? Is it because they can’t control their kid? Is it because they just don’t care? I don’t even know this kids parent and it’s probably a good thing because I don’t think I could really be nice about this. I know in my heart I would probably go off something fierce and I know that it isn’t right to do that. I have had enough. Now I have to pick up these pieces and my heart breaks because I don’t even know how. I can’t even tell how deep my sons feelings run over this. I think about how kids are bullied to the point they commit suicide and that breaks my heart in pieces too. I don’t think my son would do something like that as he said that is stupid. I can’t help that it sits in the back of my mind. It’s a scary feeling especially with what was said.

I only hope that kids will come forward when bullied and tell on them so they can move forward and heal. The sad things is I don’t think enough is done about bullying. I am seriously considering calling the school and letting them know this happened. My son doesn’t go to school as he homeschooled so I don’t know why they are bothering him anyway. He doesn’t hang out with any of them. I really don’t have faith they will do anything. All I can say is I have a running log of documentation. What really are they going to do? So yes in a way I am really frustrated about this.


4 Responses to “Bullying From A Parents Perspective – It totally needs to Stop!!”

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    Tammy says:

    I wish I knew how to handle things with my daughter. She’s been having similar problems at her school. One of the girls at school has been spreading rumors about her, and it’s tearing her up inside. My husband and I have had her report it to her counselor, and we’ve been in contact with the Vice Principal. I hate how cruel kids can be, and how helpless it makes me feel. I hurt for my daughter. Short of pulling her out of school and homeschooling her, there’s not much I can do. I’d hate to homeschool her. She’s so social, and loves her classes. The bullying is hard for her to deal with, and is slowly making her start to dislike school.
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Effect of Video Games on Autism Symptoms

    admin Reply:

    The rumors being spread are terrible. It tears my son up inside too. I did find out that this was referred to social services and I did talk to the principal since it happened during school hours. I homeschool my son so I don’t know why these kids even mess with him because he literally goes no where. He is always home. I try to talk about his feelings when we get the chance to talk. He is angry and mad which I think is normal. I just don’t know how to make the anger go away. I don’t know about you but to me it feels that they don’t do enough about bullying until something really bad happens and that is something that sits in the back of my mind. It scares me actually. I am sorry that your daughter is experiencing it too. It’s also good that she tells you about it and not keep it inside. I don’t think kids understand the power of their words and what it does to people.

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