Bullies Just Have No Common Sense

Seriously bullies just have no common sense. I don’t think they even know what the meaning of friendship is. I am angry because I wonder does this bullying start at home. I am angry because it seems like people want to pick on my son because he is different. It’s called autism. Granted I know my son is not a saint and I am sure he isn’t telling me everything. I want to just go to the parents and rip them a new one. In this case I know it probably wouldn’t matter because it doesn’t seem like they care.

I suppose your wondering where all this is coming from. Well after we got back from shopping my son wanted to hang out with his so called friend. They decided they wanted to go to the park. I really wasn’t happy with my son hanging out with this kid as we really just don’t care for him or his sisters as we have heard many things. Yes I know you shouldn’t believe everything you here. Maybe I am judging but I am judging for good reason. Well they got to the park and the kids sister was there. I don’t know everything that was said or everything that happened as I feel I don’t think I got the whole story. My son said his friend was saying he wanted to fight him. Like he had to show off for his sister. My son made a comment he shouldn’t have but after the comment said he wasn’t going to fight him. Sorry to say had he pushed my son any farther he probably would have gotten his butt kicked.

It takes a lot for my son to want to punch someone. I have always taught my kids to walk away. I know that in some circumstances you have to let them defend themselves too. I am really proud of him for walking away. I wonder sometimes if he really understands what friendship is. He has really only two or three friends. Ok maybe a few more I forgot to count. These friends understand him. They don’t judge him. Isn’t that what we are suppose to be teaching our kids.

My son is no longer allowed to hang out with this kid. I don’t think the kid is a good influence at all. In fact I think it’s the wrong crowd for my son. I just want to cry in a way because people can be so cruel. Does it all start from home? Where do they learn it from? I don’t understand how being a bully makes you the “cool kid”.

To the parents that don’t care what your kids do or how they treat others, SHAME ON YOU! You should probably start caring if your kids are hanging out with the wrong crowd or maybe they are the wrong crowd. Realize that people do have feelings and they should be respected!!




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