Buffalo Bill’s Wild West – Field Trip

Saturday was a beautiful afternoon so we headed down to Manitowac, to the Pine Crest Historical Society to see Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. If you are in Wisconsin and you have never been to PineCrest Historical Society, I highly recommend making a visit. This was our second time there and the atmosphere in this place is by far the best I have ever come across in Historical Societies. People really get into their roles. They take the time to explain the history and are vary knowledgeable. At the end I will share something that really actually touched me about this place and the people. We are definitely going to get a family membership as there are so many hands on activities and things that they plan through out the year. Unfortunately I wanted to go to the family night pioneer session this week but it is suppose to rain/storm. Boo!!

The Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show was amazing. It didn’t cost any extra then the price of admission. It was almost 2 hours in length and all the volunteers did an amazing job. They really get into their roles. You even learned the history when the characters came out. The first majority of the show is an introduction and the skills that each of these characters can do. Again your learning a little history about them as well. The end of the show is a short reenactment of a pioneer family traveling and bandits and indians trying to rob them, and Buffalo Bill and Company come and save the day. After the show you got to talk to the actors and meet the horses. A couple of them horses were big babies!! They were super sweet. One thing I did learn is that horses actually like to play soccer. The horses had a chance during the show to have fun. I found out that even in their stalls if you give them a ball they will play. It was the most awesome thing to see.

Buffalo Bill’s real name was William F. Cody. He was born just west of the Mississippi in a town called Le Claire, Iowa. Towards the end of his life he became the icon for the American Frontier. He started out working for a wagon train when he was 12, and participated in the Gold Rush. At age 15 he worked for the Pony Express. He severed as a scout for the Union Army’s Seventh Kansas Calvary during the last years of the Civil War. In 1867 Cody hunted for Buffalo for the Kansas Pacific Railroad and was known for his expert shots. In 1883, Cody created what would become Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, a grand performance that would give him fortune and fame worldwide. I find it interesting how he profited and tried to grow the west with the profits. He was consulted by Presidents about the West. He was a very famous American.

My daughter had to have her picture taken with Annie Oakley. If you don’t know she was an American Sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. Her talent came to light when she was only 15 years old, she won a shoot match with the traveling show marksman Frank E Butler, who she eventually married. A couple years after they were married the couple joined Buffalo Bill’s Show. She was a leading woman for the Wild West!

I don’t remember who this was suppose to be. He did some different dismounting and mounting tricks. He actually basically did a backflip off the saddle on the side of the horse. He stood on the horse and did a whip trick. The horse was not hit with the whip. It was just the sound of the whip you heard. He also got bold and did his trick on two horses. He had a hard time trying to do the whip trick on two. He did it but not as long as he did on the one horse. All I remember is that he was one of the good guys.

This was Ivan the Black. I don’t really know the history behind him. I don’t really remember what they said about him at the show. I just know that he had a very beautiful horse! My daughter was spoiled by Ivan as she won a ring with some ribbon on it…a frisbee which we gave to the little ones sitting next to us…. and after the show he gave her a card. This is something we will have to look up and research some more.

If you look at the above picture you will see a glass ball. This is what Annie Oakley and the rest use to shoot at during there shows. Now during the shows they have balloons in rings that they shoot at. I didn’t realize that the glass balls were that small. There were a variety of different guns used in the show.

You did see many tents through out the grounds. What I didn’t know until later was that the people actually camped out there for the weekend and stayed in the tents. I thought that was pretty neat as they really get to live the weekend out. What fun they must have once the grounds close. The people were so friendly and so will to chit chat with everyone. I learned a lot from the show and from the people. I can’t wait to see them again next year.

Before we headed out my daughter wanted to check out the miniature houses in the little play area. Well my husband told her to turn around and run because he saw a hornets nest. Well one flew by here and winged her lip. She was screaming and crying that she was stung. I couldn’t tell if she was…I just wanted to get away from the area so we could get a look. We had some people come up to us and ask us if she is ok. We went in and told them that there was a hornet’s nest in the kids area. While we were walking we heard a man yell as there was one on the train. Once they were told there were going to take care of it right away. We walked out to the car and I waited as my husband went to get the car. We had like 10 – 15 people around us….the same people we ran into in the park. They asked if my daughter was ok. We had people that were parked in cars come over. I really was touched. Normally this wouldn’t happen anywhere else. I truly am thankful for those who asked and who were concerned. It was really touching that there are still kind, considerate, and caring people out there.

I really can’t say enough about the atmosphere for the Buffalo Bills Wild West experience. Pinecrest Hisotorical Society has become one of my favorite places. Each experience has been so hands on for the kids. They actually really learned a lot about the history. This time we really didn’t get a chance to go through all the buildings as we spent almost 2 hours at the show….then walking around and looking at all the tents set up and things that you could buy. Talking to the people who did the acting. Learning more about the history. You really can’t get a better experience. I think those that volunteered! They did a fantastic job!!

See You Next  Year!!

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