Brinkman Adventures – Season 3 Review

The Brinkman Adventures are for all ages and is a series that will captivate and inspire you. We have listened to the first two seasons and we just recently received The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3. If your not familiar with the Brinkman Adventures they are missionary stories and family adventures. They are true stories but real names have been changed.

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Season 3 consists of 4 CDs. There are 12 episodes total in this set. The playing time is over 5 hours. This season there is a man who is captured by dangerous terrorists and is in a Taliban jail. A family I believe is hiking on ice and is separated looking for help one part of the family ends up be threatened by wolves and hypothermia. It’s amazing how they are forced to face their fears and just how much faith they have. God has wonderful things in store for people on the giving and receiving end. Some of the travels in this season are from Ecuador to Kashmir and from Africa to Alaska.

The kids and I would listen to two episodes a day. Sometimes we would pause and talk about things as they happened or we would wait until we were finished. The stories led to great conversation. The kids were so very engaged in the stories and of course we all wanted to know what would happen next. We loved every single episode but the first two to me were really touching.

The first two episodes which were God’s Mule and Mountain Mover went hand in hand. The story is about Thomas. He wonders what his purpose or calling is from God. He then figures it out to be delivering Bibles to people in areas where they can’t get them. His father doesn’t agree and is really angry at first. The first time Thomas came back from his first trip delivering Bibles he was the talk of the town. About 30 other people wanted to go and deliver Bibles to people that wanted them. God made things happen so they could cross the obstacles they needed to. It was being in the right place at the right time. Thomas got a phone call from his father and his father all of a sudden accepted Jesus because of something happening with a friend. He then wanted to join Thomas in his adventures to deliver the bibles. They are on a plane and someone noticed that someone was watching Thomas. Thomas got off an exit and separated from the rest of the people who he instructed to go to the hotel. He gave them directions if he didn’t return. The man that was watching him followed him and said he wasn’t going to hurt him. The man was from a dangerous terrorist group and took him to a Taliban jail. Later God must have touched the hearts of these men as he was set free to deliver the bibles. Just how much faith Thomas had in the moments where you know there is fear was amazing. He traveled to some dangerous areas to deliver the Bible. I thought it was amazing how fear did not stop him. I also found it amazing that God moved mountains so these people could deliver the bibles.

The third episode was another of my favorites and my daughter really enjoyed this episode as well. The third episode was called the Silent Ambassador. One of the girls was wishing for a new close friend. The girls met at a ski hill or sledding hill. I can’t remember which. One of the girls wanted to do something for the poor people but she didn’t know what. A light came on and she decided that wanted to start a club to make 200 shoeboxes filled with goodies. The only problem this girl had was that she couldn’t speak loud enough and didn’t like talking in front of others. She called her friend and at the next meeting her friend spoke for her. Well the kids made calls calling different companies to get donations and they had filled each and every box in a month. When it was time to deliver one of the girls couldn’t go. The shy girl ended up going by herself with her family. The people were impressed with how quick she put them together and wanted her to speak. Well she was afraid to do it she did. Then later someone wanted her to speak in front of more people. Her friend and her went to this and the shy girl hid under the stairs because she was really scared to speak in front of thousands of people. The other girl gave her a pep talk and she was able to do it. The shy girl blossomed from there and she got a chance to give a shoe box to a girl in Columbia. It was amazing how God helped her overcome her fear of public speaking and how she blossomed. Her heart was of gold for making the shoe boxes and putting them into action to deliver to the kids.

As you can see these stories are amazing. They really do touch your heart and they are really engaging. You really have to listen to them yourself to get the full experience. Each episode will leave you wanting more.

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Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

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