Book of Astronomy Set – Constellations and the Solar System Review

Memoria Pres Review

My kids have always been into Astronomy. My daughter is more curious then my son, as she is always wanting to go outside to look at the stars to see what we can find. We had the chance to review the Book of Astronomy Set by Memoria Press. This is geared towards kids in grades 3 – 5.


I received the Student Book and the Teacher Book. The Teachers Book is set up the same way the  Student book is, except that it has answers in it. In this program the kids will learn about constellations, the motion of earth, names of stars, as well as which season you will see the constellations, for example the Summer Triangle and the Winter Zodiacs.

How We Used This: 

Constellation on Geoboard

We did 1 – 3 constellations a day, depending on the time we had. I also stretched it a bit as we built the constellations on geoboards so we could get a better visual. There is reputation through the book with having to label the 15 Brightest Stars and adding in their constellations. My son grumbled a little bit while doing this as he is not a fan of writing. However, for this particular study I think the repetition was great as the it sticks in the kids memory after a while.


I love the fact that in each study the kids had to draw the constellation and label the brightest star. I also like that they had to write the name of the constellation as well. It was interesting learning that some of the constellations are from Greek Mythology. I think my favorite one is Hercules. Although we won’t be able to see it until Summer as that is part of the Summer Sky.

I love how each unit has a review of what was learned. The reading isn’t long at all, which I noticed kept my son interested. I also like how verses from the Bible are snuck in there at times and the child has to copy the verse.

When we get to the Unit 4 it will mainly be review for us as we have studied the planets before. One thing I really found interesting as I looked through this unit was the fact that it talks about Mythology and Observation. I know that with my son it will spark interest in learning more about mythology. I also like how it shows the symbols of each planet as well as lists characteristics about each of them.

There is an appendix in the back of the book that you can use to write what you learned about each planet, zodiac chart, and definitions. There are also Unit Tests in the back of the book as well as the answers. There are pages again to draw out the constellations.

I found this to be very interesting and engaging. I really had no idea that in each of the constellations is one of the 15 brightest stars. It was interesting knowing that they were in constellations. I knew that certain constellations are easier to find at certain times of the year. It was interesting learning about what they look like as well as how they got their name.

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Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review

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