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If your looking to add a little change to your history class, I suggest checking out the amazing audio dramas from Heirloom Audio Productions. The audio dramas will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep your child very engaged. We have really enjoyed listening to Beric The Briton, for this review.


Beric The Briton is a story about faith, grace, sacrifice, and redemption. It is set back in the time period when Nero was King of Rome and the ruler of Britannia was Queen Boadicea. Britannia was at the time living under Roman occupation.

We learn that Beric was prisoner in Rome at one time and was taken in by a family in Rome where he became very well educated. He left Rome and went back to Britannia. When he returns he becomes a chief. He trains the men in Britannia to fight like the Romans. He explained that the men didn’t have discipline and in order to be the Roman’s they had to have discipline. They also have to learn to fight as one and not as individuals. They also needed to have rank orders. He taught the people what they learned and Beric won his first battle against the Romans as they were caught off guard.

Later in the story Beric and his men meet the Romans again. This time they want to take Beric back to Rome. He refuses to go and then a fight breaks out and Beric and his men are captured. They end up on a ship that is suppose to take them back to Rome. A storm comes and the ship is torn apart. At this time Beric and his men could have escaped. Instead they save the Romans from drowning. Later Suetonius asks Beric why did he save him and his sons life if they are the enemies. Berries response was I couldn’t watch you drown. I took an oath not to escape. Suetonius called Beric a man of Honor.

The prisoners went back to Rome however in stead of being in prison they were to train as Gladiators. During that time Gladiators were considered a high honor. Him and his men were told to practice during certain hours and the rest of the time they could do what they wanted. They could not escape Rome. At this time Beric learns about the story of Christ from Julias. Beric at first was confused and felt like everything her learned was a lie. He at that point had such strong faith!

Julias was tempted by Nero to deny his God and he said no. He then was thrown into the Colosseum to fight the lions. He sang hymns in the colosseum. Then Amelia stood up for Julias and said she would not deny her God either. During this time period Nero didn’t like christians. Wouldn’t allow it to exist. He was going to release the lions on Amelia but Beric jumped in and defended her honor. They took the sword away from him and gave him a rob to fight the lions. He and Amelia torn them and bound the lion. He defeated the lion!

Nero then asked Beric to be his friend and body guard. Beric said that he should release his other men and then he would have 16 body guards at the beck of his call. Nero liked this. So he agreed. He also realized that he did love Amelia and asked her to marry him.

At the end Nero dies because of his own mistakes. He didn’t pay his soldiers and they left him.

How We Used This:

My daughter and I would do a couple tracks at a time. I also used the Study Guide along with the tracks. I absolutely love using the Study Guide because I can then see how much my daughter is paying attention. It has discussion questions, as well as thinking further. I also like that it has vocabulary words along with it. I had my daughter write the definitions to the vocabulary so she would under stand things in the story.

We also received the story that we could read on our own. We haven’t read the story but we will be reading it as we loved listening to it. There is also a musical that came along with it. My daughter absolutely loved the music and she listened to it over and over. She has a love for music. We also did receive the behind the scenes as well. Watching the behind the scenes is always interesting as you get to learn more about the characters as well as the actors who did the story.

I want you to know that I left out pieces of the story above. I only picked some of my favorite parts of the story. The reason I did this is because there is so much to like about this audio drama. Seriously you want to know what happens at every moment. The whole story is amazing. The story is amazing and there is danger involved, as well as excitement all rolled into one. Every audio drama I have listed to by Heirloom Audio Productions has been amazing and each story is better and better. I have a hard time just picking out my favorites.

I highly suggest you listening to the clips. I guarantee that you will want to hear more!

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Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions Review

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