The Bears on Hemlock Mountain E-Guide Review

My daughter has a love for reading. It doesn’t matter what we are reading she loves it. We recently had the chance to review The Bears on Hemlock Mountain E-Guide by Progeny Press. This particular literature study guide is for grades 1 – 3. I did receive the E-Guide as a pdf download. I purchased the book separately.

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain is about about young boy named Jonathon who believes that there are no bears on Hemlock Mountain. He was asked by his mother to go over to his Aunts House to get a big cast iron pot so she could make dinner for a family function. He reassures himself as he walks over the mountain. He stops to feed some of the animals. He knows he isn’t alone. He was suppose to get the pot and come right home. Instead he ate cookies and fell asleep. He left and had to turn back because he had forgot the reason he came. On his way back he ran across some bears on Hemlock Mountain and turn the pot upside down and hid under it. Since he wasn’t back at a reasonable time his father and family were out looking for him. They found him and he was brought home safely.

As I go into how we used the E-Guide I will explain the content of it. As I really like the whole E-Guide. It is a nice compliment with the book.

How We Used This: 

I used The Bears on Hemlock Mountain E-Guide with my daughter. We started out learning about the author, background information, and before you read activities. We talked about the difference between a hill and a mountain. We talked about different animal tracks and looked up what bear tracks looked like. We don’t have bear here as the bears are father north in the state so we can’t go walking looking for tracks. We didn’t take a walk to explore as at the time we were doing the study it was nothing but rain. With an app I have we listened to common birds songs that are in our backyard. We didn’t complete all the Before You Read Activities but those were just some of them.

Then as you work through the E-guide it assigns you chapters of the book. The chapters in this particular book were not long at all. As you work through the assignments that go with the chapters, you work on vocabulary. Each vocabulary exercise was a little different so I really liked the variety of that. You also have reading comprehension questions to answer. This is a christian curriculum so you will see bible verses that tie into what your reading. I thought that matched perfectly. Once you read the verse there are also questions about that.

Once you complete the story there was a mystery words worksheet. You might have to go back into the book to find the answers. We did know most of them and we were able to figure out what the mystery words were trying to say. That was really fun.

Once you complete the book there are some After You Read Activities. We didn’t do all of the activities but we did pick two of them. One was a creative writing project. You had to write a story about what adventures you would have going over the mountain. I found that to be very interesting with my daughter. She was very creative with her thoughts. She is an animal lover so for her it wasn’t scary and the bears were friendly. We also did make the sugar cookies as a treat. I wish I would have had a bear cookie cutter as it would have went perfect with the book. I didn’t have time to get one. So instead we made fall cookies. We also did a little research and talked about hibernation.

The nice thing about this is you can go at your own pace. You can add things in if you need to. I thought about adding in some crafts but my days didn’t allow me to do that. This only took us about a week to do. For us this was a nice break from our normal curriculum. I absolutely love the ideas of the before and after activities. You could even end up working on science after this. It can spark some extra research and topics to work on.

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