Autism: Thinking About My Son Growing Up

Yesterday I thought a lot about what Dakota would be like when he grows up. In a sense I am terrified.  In a sense I am trying to plan for that time when he is older. I only hope for the best for him. Dakota is an amazing kid. Yes he has social issues and there are many times he would much rather be a lone then hang out with friends.

I worry because right now being 10 I wonder how much of his surroundings he is paying attention too. I worry that he doesn’t pay attention for cars all that well. I can see that when he is riding around in the parking lot here. Although there are times I think he may have it mastered. I notice that he doesn’t pay attention to how he eats. I swear sometimes he eats like he is 2 because he gets crumbs all over.

We work on doing dishes at times and he sometimes helps prepare meals. I am working on making sure he washes his hair in the shower well. Not just put it on spots and think his hair is washed. You can tell by how his hair smells. I don’t have to sit in the shower and monitor him.

He has so much trouble with writing. I worry about that too. It’s not like he can take a computer every where he goes with him. How is he going to be accomodated later on in life.

I am sure there were other things I was thinking that I can’t think of right now. Am I the only one to wonder this these. I do worry a lot but I worry because I want to make sure he is prepared and has the skills. I want to make sure he is accomodated in every way.

Any thoughts  or ideas for me?

4 Responses to “Autism: Thinking About My Son Growing Up”

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    Tara Reifeiss says:

    this is kelly. i worry about the same things with andrew and hes 13 i worry that maybe hell forget to turn off the oven or stove or something major or forget he doesnt have money in hos account and will try to buy something anyways, he is pretty good somedays but others its like he isnt even in my world kwim? ill be here for ya as long as u let me

    admin Reply:

    It’s so hard to let go and let them do things on their own. I get scared when Dakota goes around the corner to his friends house. There is no sidewalks on the street. I get nervous that he isn’t paying attention to vehicles. I wonder what he is going to be like at 18. His sense of surroundings I don’t believe is all there.

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    gem says:

    I worry about all those kinds of things too. I’m a worry-wart by nature, but knowing that he has so many difficulties and delays that kids his age don’t always makes me worry about him in the present, and makes me even more worried about his future.

    I wish I could protect him and be there for him every second of the day. I know he needs to live and learn, but it’s just going to be a lot more difficult for him…

    admin Reply:

    I feel the exact same way. Only time has the answers though. I am a worry wart myself.

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