Autism Screen Test

Sounds like there is a new test that could help start early diagnosis if it makes its way into the Doctors offices. That means the Doctors who don’t know that much about Autism will have to learn….It’s about time… Our family Doctor here doesn’t know that much about it….Sigh and he got his PHd??? Wow another fact that jumped out of the article I am reading is that only 8% of the pediatricians screen for autism. Now that is really sad!!

Here are two tests that maybe used with Pediatricians to diagnos autism: Attention Back and Forth Screener, or Rapid A-B-C. These tests will be used during the 18 and 24 month Well Checks.

The current study is being done in Atlanta, GA and hopes to go Nationwide…. What are they waiting for get the ball rolling already!!!

On a serious note it really saddens me that only 8% of the doctors do autism screenings. Early Intervention plays a big part in the future. Hopefully these studies can go Nationwide and that they are successful so that our Doctors and Pediatricians can do the screenings early enough.

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