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I would like to try to do this everyweek. I just hope I can as thought lately I am behind on my blog reading. I want to share with blogs that either made me smile, gave me more information to autism, made me feel I am not alone in my journey raising my autistic son Dakota. Grab a cup of coffee and get to reading. Who knows you just may learn something new too!

  • Corrie has a blog called Just Because My Pickle Talks Doesn’t Make Me An Idiot. I really got a good chuckle from conversations between her and her kids that she has shared. The one I just finished reading was More Table Conversations.
  • Kristine you have a great idea for a wonderful breakfast on your Mommy Needs Therapy Blog. I love the fact that she got sneaky on her pancakes including soy, ricatta, and pumpkin! Her kids loved it. Now I just have to get more sneaky when it comes to Mr Picky!! Read the post Consider This My Gift To You. (I included Kristine’s blog here as she is a mommy to a special needs son) I can so relate to a lot of feelings too and experiences too!
  • Sherri’s posts always make me smile. Her blog is WARDEN4PACK. She posts a lot of pictures of her kids and she talks a lot about what they go through as well as a lot of positiveness. I really loved her A Thousand Words Thursday blog post. I think it would be a blast if the kids got to ride down the hall ways on trikes!!

There were a couple more I wanted to add and I can’t find them now. I will make sure as I come across them I save them for next week!  Enjoy!

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