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Dr Panda – School App Review


Dr Panda has a new app that has just released today called Dr. Panda School. Dr. Panda School is a place where kids can be who they want to be while they explore the school.  Kids can create their own stories as they role-play while they are exploring. My daughter got quite creative with her stories.

The atmosphere you already know is school. There are 19 child and adult animals, so kids can play as a teacher, student, or parent. There are 5 different locations that your child can explore: hallway, classroom, art room, school yard, and cafeteria. There are a ton of secret objects to find….I can’t tell you what they are or they won’t be a secret anymore. :)

Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit Review

Stopmotion Explosion Review

My kids have been exploring different things they can do with the computer. One of them they have been especially excited about was something called Stopmotion. If you could have seen the kids faces when the Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit from Stopmotion came, it was priceless. Lots of sequels with excitement.

The kids had a chance to see what stop motion was before we actually got the kit as a friend of ours who loves making videos showed us. We were already familiar with the term onion peeling thanks to a real life demo. They also learned what a green and blue screen was. Our blue screen sort of failed for this project.

Times Tales Review – Digital Download

Times Tales Review

If your looking for a fun and creative way of teaching your child multiplication facts that will stick, I highly suggest checking out Times Tales by The Trigger Memory Co.. Learning multiplication has never been more fun for my daughter. In fact it is much more fun then just basic worksheets I did receive a digital download along with the bonus division and other printable worksheets.

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Our Week of Homeschool – A Week Full of Anxiety – One Program Being Discharged and Another Hopefully One Starting

Our Week Of Homeschool

I think this past week I have really thought a lot about autism. We have our milestones and we celebrate those because somewhere down the road you know you will fall two steps behind again. Our celebration didn’t last long of course. We did have one HUGE moment. At least to me we did.

Memoria Press – Second Grade Literature Guide Set – Review

Memoria Press Review

We had the chance to review the Second Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press. The set included an answer key, The Courage of Sara Noble, Prairie School, Tales From Beatrix Potter, Animal Folk Tales of America, and Little House In the Big Woods. We were going to do Little House in the Big Woods but my daughter wanted to start with The Courage of Sarah Noble.


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