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Elementary Science Demonstrations – Go Science DVD Review #TosCrew


My kids love science. We absolutely love doing experiments around here. Well what would you say if you could watch some science experiments with out having a mess to clean up? I find that just as exciting. Library and Educational Services has some Go Science DVDs that are absolutely amazing.

One of things that really stands out with these episodes are “Every time we learn something about science, we learn something about our Creator God!” It’s just something that kind of stuck after each science experiment. Each science demonstration whether it was chemical or physical had a spiritual application.

Dear Autism – My Open Ended Letter

Dear Autism,

I have known you for about 12 years now. My son who is 12 has high functioning autism and my daughter 6 has Aspergers. We have had many ups and downs and gains and regressions. We just keep trucking along and working through any issues that is tossed our way. We do get through it. The many new things you have thrown at me that go along with autism have created bumps in the road. It’s okay we are used to it and again we got through it.

Good Day Wisconsin – Summer Craft Fun and Tasty Red Gold Tomato Recipe

Today has been an amazing day! Good Day Wisconsin was a lot of fun to be at this morning. I was so very nervous about being on TV, I forgot stuff that I wanted to say. I guess you could say I was camera shy. Definitely a new experience and at least I know what to expect next time. I am a little bummed out that my daughter didn’t go with me as she was so looking forward to going. Instead she watched from the living room being sick. She did have some fun when I came home and you will see how shortly.

Stay Tuned: Tomorrow is Good Day Wisconsin

Stay tuned to an upcoming post tomorrow. Super Mommy to the Rescue is going to be on Good Day Wisconsin tomorrow. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. At this point I am not sure if my daughter will be going with me as she has been sick. I know she is going to be heart broken if she doesn’t go. Will be making that decision in a couple hours.

There will be two segments that I will be on: one is at 7:50 AM for a cooking segment and 8:50 AM for a fun outside craft for the kids.

Paper Doll Resources

Lately I have been thinking of doing something different with my daughter. I have thought about printing different paper dolls. The benefits are not just fun but imaginative play and maybe some great stories to be told. My daughter has great imagination. So while I am on my hunt for paper dolls I thought I would share them in case anyone else was interested.

Strawberry Shortcake Paper Dolls

Belle Paper Doll

Beauty and the Beast Paper Doll

Paper Dolls with Many Famous Characters

Printable Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls to Color and Cut

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