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34th Annual Wisconsin District Ladies Retreat – Kindred Spirit #2016WILMRETREAT

Kindred Spirit

This was my first time ever attending the 34th Annual Wisconsin District Ladies Retreat. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had heard stories. I wasn’t even sure what to pray for before attending, but I sure did hope to walk away with something. The theme of the retreat was Kindred Spirit and the main speakers were Donna Linville and Jelling Lumpkin.

Just When I Thought We Were Doing Fine…. BAM Steps Backward

Just when I thought everything was going well and we were making some progress….BAM got slapped in the face with my son having seizures. I was going to write about what our homeschool week was like last week but instead I have decided to write about what is going on.



It’s that time of year where I would rather be bear foot then to have to wear socks and shoes. The only thing is my heals crack and are really dry. I don’t like to use those pumice stones, as I don’t like sitting there to scrub the dry stuff off my feet. I was really excited when the GREEMU by Devonian came up for review. I wanted to see just how it would work on my heels. GREEMU is an alternative to emu oil. It is a 100% natural blend of plant oils.


Heroes of History – Christopher Columbus Review

Heroes of History Review

One of the things we really enjoy in our history class is to read different biographies about people from the past. YWAM Publishing has a nice variety of different biographies of both men and women of history. For this particular review we received the book Heroes of History – Christopher Columbus and a digital copy of the Unit Study Curriculum Guide. This book is for ages 10 and older.

Christopher Columbus_zpstfe6ckrg

Our Week Of Homeschool – Earth Day and New Program Started

Our Week of Homeschool

This week has been a pretty good week. We made good time with book work. We had a great Homeschool Theme Day this week. We took off Friday from our regular day to have some fun with Earth Day. My son also started a new program this week. I also changed how I do work with the kids. I use to alternate between the two and it seems to make my day take longer. So now Mondays and Tuesdays I start with my son and get his work done and proceed to my daughter. Then Thursday and Friday I work with my daughter and then my son.

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