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Make Your Own Paper Mache Whale – Ocean Theme


We have been working on our ocean and theme and one of the things we have recently made was a paper mache whale. Both my kids are working on an ocean theme, however my daughter was working on the Blue Whale. I had my son make one as we are working on sensory issues. He does not like gooey things and he doesn’t like his hands sticky.

Door County Maritime Museum – a Field Trip of History

Historical Field Trip of Door County

Door County Maritime Museum has a lot of historical history for the area. Before automobiles people used water ways to travel and move goods. The waterways of Door County played a significant role in the development of the local and inter-state commerce and culture. The waterways were often quite treacherous and as a result required the construction of lighthouses. There are many shipwrecks around the Door Peninsula. What I found very interesting was around Wisconsin there are 700 shipwrecks alone. I never realized that the Great Lakes are even more treacherous then the ocean.

Curious Kid & Clock – Playtime – App Review and Giveaway

Curious Kid and Clock App Review, EdApps, Homeschool

I am really excited to share with this review of Curious Kid and Clock – Playtime. This is one my daughter really enjoys to play and she is learning at the same time. Before I started writing this review today I took a little video of her playing this and she said “Mommy I love this game I played this on your iPad when you weren’t looking.”  The kids have the iPad2 and I have the iPad Air, and the iPad2 must have been dead so she snuck on mine.

EdApp, Curious Kids and Clock Playtime App Review and Giveaway, Math App

Bullying Is A Big Problem and It Needs To Stop

Bullying, Anti bullying

Bullying is a big problem every where you go and it really needs to stop. I have been really upset over this weekend. I really want to make a difference and change how things are in town but I don’t even really know where to start. I am terrified for the kids who don’t speak up.

Your probably wondering where all this is coming from. Well there is a very cruel girl who is very manipulating. She also has her followers who are also called croonies. This girl targets kids whose friends are not around and if they are they will manipulate it so that they side with her and the victim is all alone. How do I know this, well because my son went through it and I also have talked with parents and figured out her pattern.

Autism Has Taught Me….

Autism Has Taught Me

Autism has taught me is a start of a sentence that I often find myself thinking about. If you have followed my blog form the beginning then you know some of the stories I have told of what we have been through. It’s something I haven’t really talked about a lot of lately.

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