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I love exploring different math program with the kids. I recently had the chance to review GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN.

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GPALOVEMATH is a really neat web-based program for children in grades K-5. They have animated characters that act as coaches through each lesson. These characters offer supplemental help with over 150 lessons and over 10,000 problems of practice. You can complete a grade in 10 months if you work on 4 – 5 lessons a week. It also uses a reward system for the child’s effort.


Make Your Own Shamrock Shake

Make Your Own Shamrock Shake

One of the things we love around this time of year is the Shamrock Shakes. I can no longer have them as they are way to many points for me to give up on Weight Watchers. I would rather eat something more filling. My kids on the other hand absolutely love ice cream. Over the weekend we decided to make our own homemade Shamrock Shakes.


The family said they actually liked them and wanted to try different flavors in the future. They also really like these better then McDonald’s. They are so very simple to make. We used two ingredients!

World History Detective Book 1 – Review

World History Detective Book 1 Review

One of my son’s favorite subjects is History. We were both really excited to review World History Detective Book 1 by The Critical Thinking Co.

World History Detective_zpsasbanhsa

World History Detective Book 1 studies the Ancient and Medieval Civilizations. You can use this book as a stand alone or you can use it as a supplement. We used it as a stand a lone for this review.

Claude Monet Art Study and Project

Claude Monet Artist Study and Project

A couple weeks ago I had picked Claude Monet for an artist for the kids to study. It was rather fascinating learning about him. I had no idea that Impressionism was named after is painting Impression, Sunrise (1873).


Claude Monet 1840 to 1926 – France (Europe) – Impressionism

Claude Monet was an Impressionist painter and a man who loved his garden. He loved painting nature. Some of the things he painted was the river Seine, the Thames, and his own garden. He repeatedly painted things but they were never exactly the same. The reason for this was that he looked for difference in light and the time of day.

Visual Learning Systems Review

Visual Learning Systems Review

I have been looking for something to use with my daughter for science for a while. I was really happy to be able to review Visual Learning Systems. For our review we used the Digital Science Online: Elementary Edition (Grades K – 5)┬áthere is also a Digital Science Online: Secondary Edition (Grades 6 – 12).

Visual Learning Systems Review
Digital Science Online is a subscription that you pay for yearly. You can subscribe to the Elementary Edition or the Secondary Edition. The cost for homeschoolers is $99.00 per year and allows up to 8 students. There is a teacher side and a student side.

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