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DIY Water Clock

DIY Water Clock

We have been working on a unit study with Robots. One of the things that I thought was pretty neat was we made a water clock. Making your own Water Clock is easy and the nice thing is you can incorporate doing things to see how long it takes you.

The Ancient Egyptians made water clocks that were bowls filled with water and it had small holes that the water would leak out. This was used to tell time. There were lines in the bowl that they were able to see where the water level was to be able to tell the time.

WAY Comes Home – Health Curriculum – Review

Way Comes Home Review

In the state of Wisconsin one of the requirements is that we have to teach health to our children. We have added Way Comes Home Kit, from Homeschool Scholastics, an i4 Learning Company to our weekly schedule.


Way Comes Home is a hands on learning program that teaches health and wellness. It even weaves in other subjects such as science, math, and history. The lessons are very interactive and cover subjects such as physical activity and fitness, nutrition, healthy eating, emotion health, social skills, health communication, and critical thinking.


Butterfly Gardens and Glow on the Lakeshore Field Trip

Last week Friday we had an amazing day with my daughter. We took her to the Butterfly Gardens and to Glow on the Lakeshore. It was a day of absolute beauty and fun.

Butterfly Gardens

We started out at the Butterfly Gardens. From what the lady said the best time to come and see the butterflies is in mid to late July when you can see all different color butterflies. We saw mostly Monarchs and Painted Lady. There were a couple others but I don’t remember what they were. Every where you look there are butterflies. It was such an amazing experience. If you were lucky they would land on you.

( Can Do Cubes Review

Can Do Cubes

Do you have a child who is learning how to read? Are you currently working on phonics? Can Do Cubes from (just2ducks LLC) is a fun resource to use for teaching phonics. My daughter has really been enjoying using the cubes to practice phonics and her spelling words.


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

Jolly Review

If your looking for a good reading program to teach your younger child how to read I highly suggest checking out Jolly Phonics as it teaches phonics in a systamatic way. Jolly Grammar comes after the first year of phonics. Both of these products are made by (just2ducks LLC). I received both of these products for my review. This is for an elementary school level.

student books_zpsdnh5ko2x

Jolly Phonics uses a multi sensory approach in their teaching. There are actions for 42 letter sounds, which to me is a great way to remember their letters and sounds. It teaches children to learn their letters in sound order. It also teaches children 5 keys skills for reading and writing to be successful:

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