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Make Your Own Paper Plate Sundial

DIY Paper Plate Sundial



Learn how to make your own paper plate sundial! It is super easy to make and it is fun to observe time as it passes. The reason for the sundial experiment was we are learning about astronomy. Today we talked about calendars, moon phases, constellations, and seasons. People used these different things to tell what time or season it was.

A sundial isĀ a clock that uses the suns position to tell time. The sundial has a rod that sticks up and the rod casts a shadow. On the surface there areĀ markings that are used to tell time.

Back to School Freebies – Over $230 in FREE Curriculum


Homeschool Giveaways is having their annual Back to School Freebies right now! This is the biggest freebie event they have ever put together. You will get over $230 in FREE curriculum (no purchase necessary.) Click here to get all of this for free now, or scroll for a bit more info first.

These downloads are only available for a limited time, so I would be sure to check them out and download them right away.

ArtAchieve Entire Level 1 Review

ArtAchieve Review

Art is one of my favorite things to teach and do in our homeschool. My daughter has a huge passion for both arts and crafts, and she has really been enjoying the Entire Level 1 from ArtAchieve. She has learned how to draw different things. Most importantly she has put thought into how she is drawing and with what. I will explain that more later in the review.

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Setting Our Butterflies Free

Painted Lady Butterfly
Sunday was the day we set our butterflies free. They started breaking free starting on Thursday, and the last one broke free on Saturday. Since I wasn’t sure if they were eating or not I decided we should let them go into their natural environment if they were to survive.

Patriotic Penmanship Grade 2 Review

Patriotic Penmanship

One of the things that I like to do with the kids is practice their penmanship, as my daughter still struggles on making bigger letters then she should. She has really been enjoying Patriotic Penmanship Grade 2 by Laurelwood Books.

Patriotic Penmanship Grade 2 cover jpg_zpswktalug9

Patriotic Penmanship Grade 2 contains 30 lessons. Each lesson equals one week’s worth of work. However, you can adjust it to your child’s capabilities. It also gives you great instructions such as making sure the pencil is sharped and gripped firmly, instructing a child to leave a “finger space” between words, and explaining the difference between a letter and a word. Also reminds us to give some leeway to the child’s creativity in handwriting.

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