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Hand Print Tree With Real Leaves Craft

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The leaves are starting to slowly fall off the trees here. They are slowly starting to change their colors. In a couple weeks we should be at our peak fall colors. I was hoping to find some read leaves but no such luck so we used what we had. If you have leaves that are starting to fall this would be the perfect craft for fall. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to as I let my daughter go to town on the gluing. I think red would have added a little more color too! So may another craft like this will be in the works for us.

Can This Week Get Any Worse?

This week has been totally crazy for us. I am honestly ready for this week to be over and next week to start already. I am hoping to get back into our groove again as we have had several disruptions that last couple weeks with appointments.

Since last week Monday my son has been using the nebulizer. I took him to the doctor and they said it was asthma. So they prescribed an antibiotic and some preventative asthma treatment and sent us home. I was not really seeing much improvement. Then this Monday my son started complaining of chest pain. Well you have to understand when my son says something hurts I normally take it serious because of his high tolerance to pain.

Horizons Kindergarten Phonics and Reading Review

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I am really impressed with the different curriculum that Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Division has out. We were greatly blessed to receive Horizons Kindergarten Phonics and Reading Set to use for this review.

Horizons is a Christian homeschool curriculum that uses a spiral learning method to help your student master concepts through the process of introduction, review and reinforcement. This process helps the student grasp the concepts in a colorful and motivating format. The curriculum is for grades from PreK-12. It has a very precise curriculum structure and focuses on 6 core subjects.

What Is In The Set:

Our First Skate-A-Thon Was Lots Of Fun

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Most of you that read the blog or know me, know that my daughter has taken a big liking to ice skating. She first saw ice skating while we were watching the Olympics. So we took her to a homeschool ice skating session and she has loved it ever since. Shortly after her first time on the ice we signed her up for U.S. Figure Skating Learn To Skate lessons.

My Student Logbook Review


My Student Logbook is a company owned by a homeschooling family, Dakota and I had the change to review the My Student Logbook 2014-2015 School Year. This product has weekly logs that run from Monday – Sunday, and are dated July 28, 2014 through August 2, 2015. Each book is $15.00 and the age it is recommended for is Gr 2 and up.

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