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Beauty and the Beet -VeggieTales DVD Review


My kids absolutely love VeggieTales. I have always loved them because the shows are always positive and have a message for kids to learn. I was really excited to be able to receive a copy of Beauty and Beet for review.

Apologia iWitness Book Review

iWitness Apologia Educational Ministries has a new series of books called iWitness. They take you on an incredible journey through things such archeological biblical discoveries, the Old Testament and the New Testament. We learned so much from reading these books. Everything was so fascinating that you just want to keep reading to find out more. We had the chance to review three books: iWitness Biblical Archaeology ($14.00) New Testament iWitness ($14.00) Old Testament iWitness ($14.00) iwitness-biblical-archaeology_zpsa3f98043 iWitness Biblical Archaeology takes you on a journey about important finds that give us good reason to think the history of the Bible is accurate. Some of the topics you will find here is the flood, searching for Noahs’s ark, Egyptian Chronology, Exdous, some different inscriptions, Seige of Jerusalem, Old testament History, Dead Sea Scrolls, It talks about Jesus. It’s hard to pick just one or two to talk about because it was all truly fascinating. I will pick a couple our favorite parts.

FREE Minecraft Books and Guide For The Minecraft Lover

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If you haven’t checked out minecraft I highly suggest that you do. Your kids will love it. I love the fact that it builds creativity and great imagination. We even incorporate it in our homeschool day for certain subjects. The kids like the break from the traditional book and worksheets.

Kids that love minecraft may like the Mindcraft novels that I found on Amazon. I know if I find something the kids like they tend to be interested in whatever I can find. I do not know all the content in these books so I would highly suggest that you glance over it before you allow your children to read it. The novels I found look to be geared towards kids.

Make Your Own Felt Pumpkin Face Kit

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While I was cleaning out the craft closet I noticed that I had bought felt but never used. See I have thoughts that come in my head and I buy the craft materials for it and then I end up forgetting. I had black and orange felt and thought that would be perfect to make a felt pumpkin kit for my daughter for Halloween.


To make your own pumpkin face kit you will need:

  • 1 piece of orange felt
  • 1 piece of black felt
  • scissors

FREE Writing Prompts Printable


I recently had my Creative Writing Prompts as a Facebook Fan Freebie but it seemed like some had problems with downloading it. So I have decided to put this up on my blog so your able to grab it with out any problems.

This writing prompt printable is set up for grades K – 8. As you can see in the picture above the oldest students don’t have the option of drawing. They have instructions on what to write and can get creative from there. From Kindergarten through maybe early middle school you have the lines for each grade and a space for pictures. There are instructions on what to draw and write.

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