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Self-Paced Bible: Old Testament 1 Genesis to Joshua Review

VP Review

My daughter has really been enjoying study the Old Testament: Genesis to Joshua in Self-Paced Bible from Veritas Press. This Self-Paced Bible is perfect for the whole family. It really brings the bible stories to life and keeps kids wanting to learn more.

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The Self-Paced Bible has 128 class periods that cover 32 Biblical events. It has an interactive teaching approach using videos, games, talking characters, and song. The song itself is helps you memorize the chronology of the events that happened. The games help you memorize the dates, names, and places. There are activities, and even tests. You can keep track of the scroring of tests.

FREE Walk It Off Now Challenge and Giveaway – Ends 6/30

Have you joined the FREE walk it off challenge yet- (3)


Have you joined the FREE Walk It Off Now Challenge yet? If you haven’t I highly encourage that you do! There are many benefits to this 6 week challenge. If your like me and have a hard time with motivation and accountability, well believe me you will find it in this challenge.

The Walk It Off Now Challenge is a 6 week challenge created by Wendie Pett. Every Monday a new video will be released for guidance and homework for your walking workout. You will also receive an ebook and tracking journal.

My School Year (Home Record Keeping) – Review


Living in the state of Wisconsin I have to keep track of my time for our homeschool, we are required to have 875 hours of instruction. I am really excited about the My School  Year (Home Record Keeping) by It is a home record keeping program that allows to me to keep track of different things. For this review I did receive a year access.


LearnBop For Families Review


Does your child struggle with math? My daughter has been struggling with multiplication. She has been very excited to use LearnBop for Families by Learn Bop. This product is designed for grades 3 – 12. I did receive a 12 month subscription to LearnBop for families for this review.

Product Image LearnBop_zps0oo9ynrz

LearnBop is a personalized math program that uses step-by-step guidance. It is a self-paced program so you can go at your own speed. It teaches critical thinking and problem solving to help the child excel at math and build confidence.

Tender Moments in Autism

Tender Moments In Autism

For me life gets so busy with the hustle and bustle of our days that I sometimes forget to remember the tender moments. The tender moments are ones that makes us smile and for a minute forget the struggles we deal with from autism on a daily basis.

Memorial Day for us was an absolute amazing day! It didn’t start out great but it did change our whole day. It was a day where we stepped out of our comfort zones, to deal with crowd of people, siblings actually got a long (at least until the ride home), social interaction, no asking when are we leaving (except for the very end), and fun was had by all. This really was not a normal day for us. We don’t normally get this great of day. It is definitely something to hang on to and smile about.

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