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Thick As Thieves Book Review – Definitely A Page Turner

Thick As Thieves Book Review

The kids and I really enjoyed reading Thick As Thieves in the Circle C Milestones series. The author of this book is Susan K. Marlow, and the publisher is Kregal Publications. This book is recommended for ages 12 and up.

Thick as Thieves_zpsxhnvndjv

Thick As Thieves is a book about friendship, unselfishness, and compassion. The main character is Andi, who is a 14 year old girl who grows up in California during the 1880s. Andi’s biggest love is her palomino horse named Taffy. Andi has little time to prepare herself for Taffy’s first foaling, between her chores and school. When Taffy is about to deliver the foaling it almost ended up in a disaster, until Chad (Andi’s brother) and Andi help out Taffy. Andi has spent so much time with the foals that her grades start slipping. Andi’s mom has limited her time with the foals until her grades come up.

HomeSchool Office Review – Manage Your Homeschool Online

HomeSchool Office Review

Now you can manage your homeschool online with HomeSchool Office by Lord Heritage. This is a web-based program where you can manage your home and school all right online. You can plan your lessons and track progress from year to year. Everything you need is in this program. You can generate reports, verify activities, and build high school transcripts.

HomeSchool Office Review
HomeSchool Office follows a logical system that is used in many areas such as business management, education, and personal development. This originated with the Heavenly Father and displays throughout with scriptures, it’s a pattern worth following to prepare our children for their calling.

FlavFusion Infuser Water Bottle Review

FlavFusion Infuser Water Bottle

I have been wanting to get a fruit infuser for a while. I was able to review FlavFusion Infuser Water Bottle. This is not your typical water bottle!

FlavFusion Infuser Water Bottle is a not just a water bottle but a fruit infuser. It holds 26 oz of water, which is a little more then 3 glasses. The bottle is BPA free, which is one of the things I really liked about it. It is very easy to clean and use.

My Week In Review – Spring is here!!

Our Week In Review Spring Is Here

This week I am participating in My Week In Review Hosted by Home to 4 Kiddos. If you would like to join in, you can read her rules and link up at her page.

It surely has felt like spring here the last couple weeks. Today again it is suppose to be in the 50’s. Then it will drop into the 30’s and 40’s. I am really grateful that it isn’t bitter cold. I noticed that the trees are starting to grow buds on them. My tulips are starting to come out of the ground. If your quiet you can hear the pine cones crackling as they open. It has been dry though and we are in a drought. The snow has melted and we haven’t had any more rain/snow. I don’t mind as my basement won’t leak hopefully as the frost line disappears.



I love exploring different math program with the kids. I recently had the chance to review GPALOVEMATH from GPA LEARN.

GPA Learn_zpsyds4cdst

GPALOVEMATH is a really neat web-based program for children in grades K-5. They have animated characters that act as coaches through each lesson. These characters offer supplemental help with over 150 lessons and over 10,000 problems of practice. You can complete a grade in 10 months if you work on 4 – 5 lessons a week. It also uses a reward system for the child’s effort.


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