ARTistic Pursuits Review – A Unique Homeschool Art Curriculum

Are you looking for a unique homeschool art program? Then I highly suggest checking out ARTistic Pursuits. The curriculum integrates all the components of fine art education by engaging students to build a visual vocabulary and using critical thinking skills as they explore creativity, art history, and art techniques. It’s like a hands on program using real art materials and tools.


We reviewed Early Elementary K – 3 Book 1: Introduction to Visual Arts ($47.95). I was really intrigued when I first learned about this. I was even more excited to receive this.

In this book the materials that will be used are: ebony pencils, soft pastel sticks, oil pastels, watercolor crayons, colored paper craft, and self-hardening clay.

The lessons are short, sweet and very to the point. They are not complicated or overwhelming. Although a couple times I spent a little longer on some lessons as I wasn’t really sure that my daughter got the concept. When I thought she didn’t grasp the concept we reviewed the lesson again and spent a little more time talking about things.

You start out by reading a short lesson of what that particular lesson is about. To get the point across of what the lesson you will see full-colored works of art by well known artists. After you get through the lesson there is a project that your child immediately applies what they have learned. What I like about these projects is that kids can dive into their own experience and observations. It has been colder but we had a couple nice days that we even went outside to observe. I like the fact that we can take our stuff outside and use nature. It’s encouraged.

The first section of this book covers topics of: how do artists engage in their artwork, how to use the materials, and a variety of art subjects (landscapes, still life, etc). The second section of this book covers covers elements of 2 dimension and 3 dimension that artists use. Maybe a better example would be lines, form, shapes, and color. The third section is a comprehensive study of ancient art.

My kids really enjoyed the art lessons. I think they grew a better understanding and more appreciation for art as well. The art work in each lesson sparked a few conversations. I think we spent a little more time on them by looking and asking even more questions then what the book had asked. I was also very surprised by what the kids saw in each picture. It was very interesting how they interpret things.

photo (2)

We were able to get one – two lessons done a week. That depended on how are week flowed and how my daughter was understanding the concepts. To me it was important to make sure she was understanding before we moved on. I didn’t want to rush anything with either of the kids. When we repeated a lesson we did it the same week.

photo (3)

I think my daughters favorite part was being able to go outside and draw in her sketch book what she sees. The first time we did this she asked if she could keep drawing. I can’t tell you how many different pages she ended up with. I love that it has encouraged her to bring her sketch book with her more when we go outside. I had told her that keeping a sketch book can also help with future paintings of things you may want to paint. On the lesson fill in the space she did just that. Took out her sketch book and went to town putting it in color.

My son surprisingly was more into the art work in the book. He did his lessons. I noticed that he applies a wide variety of shapes and colors to his drawings. I know I have mentioned this before but he is more of an abstract kid. I think he enjoyed learning the basics. He has an interest in painting. I do have to remind him and show him the proper way to use the water color brush and sometimes he wants to smoosh it down.

This is now my new favorite art curriculum. The art work in each lesson gives the kids a great visual and also a new want to learn for art appreciation. The projects reinforce what you learned in the lesson. I love the fact they get to visualize and learn what an artist does to get the artwork that they want. There is so much to learn in art. My favorite thing about this is that it is not overwhelming. Each lesson blends with the next.

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