ArtAchieve Entire Level 1 Review

ArtAchieve Review

Art is one of my favorite things to teach and do in our homeschool. My daughter has a huge passion for both arts and crafts, and she has really been enjoying the Entire Level 1 from ArtAchieve. She has learned how to draw different things. Most importantly she has put thought into how she is drawing and with what. I will explain that more later in the review.

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ArtAchieve are lessons that make teaching art, such as drawing and painting a whole lot easier. The projects or lessons are inspired from different ideas from around the world. It also includes a little bit of social studies, science, and language arts. So if you have no background or have a hard time teaching art, this is definitely something you would be interested in using. You can register to get a sample lesson and you will see just how wonderful these lessons are.

When you purchase the lessons you have access to them for a whole year. I did receive a whole year access to the Entire Level 1 for this review.


How the lessons are set up:


You have the choice to watch the video or use the power point for the lessons. It starts out showing you what the art project is and what the child will be learning in that lesson. I will use my daughters favorite for this example.  My daughters favorite lesson was the Hungarian Insects. These are clay and wire insects that you would find in Hungary. Peoples yards are decorated with these insects. They are very colorful and adorable and these little critters have bulging eyes. The lesson itself shows common characteristics of insects. It starts out with a warm up page. Where the child copies and draws the line that they see in the box above. This makes them aware and makes them think of what kind of line they are using, such as an angle, curve, straight line, etc. It tells you to play music in the background for inspiration. My daughter didn’t want to have music in the background as she is really focused one what she does and finds that to be a distraction to her. Now in the lesson when your looking at it gives you links and ideas for more: Social Studies you learn the geography and history of Hungary. There is a Writing assignment with questions. Literature you have suggested books to read. Science they give you some links and ideas. Then you go into the lesson with step by step directions on how to draw the insect. You can choose to do the insect with or with out wings. Then it shows you some completed projects by other kids.

How We Used This:

I used this with my daughter about one – two times a week depending on what our schedule was. She absolutely loves these lessons and she really enjoys the step by step directions on learning to draw. Her method of learning was using the power points. She liked it because she felt like their was no distraction from the video. So that is the route we went.


Navigating the website is very easy. Seriously you don’t have to know art to teach these lessons. I absolutely loved that. I also loved how you could make this cross curricular in your learning as well. I loved the suggestions for each subject. I like that it was laid out for me already and I didn’t have to try to put it all together. I loved that she was learning about the culture and background of what we were making.


She really enjoyed the warm up activities. I could hear her saying what kind of line she was drawing as she was practicing. She really took her time with the step by step directions. She loved the fact that she could start over when she needed to and that she could do it again and again. When we did the geckos the only thing I didn’t have was the acrylic markers. I don’t think I have ever seen them. So we used markers instead and I am purchases some acrylic markers to do the project again.

We really had mostly everything that you needed for the art projects. We do a lot of arts and crafts so we have a lot of the stuff on hand.

My Overall Thought:

This is an art curriculum that I have been searching for. One of the big reasons that I like it is because of the cross curricular learning. I don’t have to dig up and try to find the history behind things in these lessons or more about the places we are learning about. It’s all done for me and ready to go. The lessons are explained well and the drawing is step by step. It makes completing the projects easier for my daughter as she has a visual. One of the things I love the most is that my daughter really enjoys it!

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Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review

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