Apologia iWitness Book Review

iWitness Apologia Educational Ministries has a new series of books called iWitness. They take you on an incredible journey through things such archeological biblical discoveries, the Old Testament and the New Testament. We learned so much from reading these books. Everything was so fascinating that you just want to keep reading to find out more. We had the chance to review three books: iWitness Biblical Archaeology ($14.00) New Testament iWitness ($14.00) Old Testament iWitness ($14.00) iwitness-biblical-archaeology_zpsa3f98043 iWitness Biblical Archaeology takes you on a journey about important finds that give us good reason to think the history of the Bible is accurate. Some of the topics you will find here is the flood, searching for Noahs’s ark, Egyptian Chronology, Exdous, some different inscriptions, Seige of Jerusalem, Old testament History, Dead Sea Scrolls, It talks about Jesus. It’s hard to pick just one or two to talk about because it was all truly fascinating. I will pick a couple our favorite parts.

Searching for Noah’s Ark was one of our favorites. In modern times the search has been focused on Mt. Ararat in Northern Turkey. A great number of people have claimed to see it, touch it and even say they have went in it. They say it has been photographed by pilots in spy plane (1949), however the photo is missing. The Bible doesn’t say that it landed on Mt. Ararat. The mountain area doesn’t show any evidence of a flood. The weather conditions also make it hard to work on the sites as there is only one good month a year. It takes 4 days just to get the equipment to the site. There is also a volatile political situation in that region that adds to the problem. Glory hunters make fake claims of discovering the ark. How this happens is they took ancient wood up the mountain and would claim they found the wood of the ark. The wood would be looked over and discovered it came from the wrong region, it wasn’t old enough, and the discoveries couldn’t land anyone back to the ark. As you can see this has been really fascinating. It would be really amazing if they could find where it ended up. It could be buried farther in the ground then what we all know.

The Dead Sea Scrolls was rather fascinating as well. It talks about a shepherd who had was trying to find his lost goat that had strayed away from the flock near the dead sea. He was throwing rocks into the cave to scare the goat out. Instead what he heard was pottery breaking. He climbed in the cave and found fragments of the old scrolls. He took them back to his tent thinking that he could use them for sandal straps. Instead later on he decided to sell them. The scolls were sold for some time before any realized what they were. What was fascinating about this was that they went back to the caves. They are the people that bought the scrolls realizing what they were. When they went back to the cave they found over 100,000 fragments. There was over 900 different writings and books. 223 of these writings are copies found in the Old Testament. It’s amazing to find history of the written Old Testament.

Another part I found very interesting and fascinating was the burial shroud of  Jesus. The part that interested me and the kids the most was the sheet of linen has very faint image of a man on it. It goes more into detail in the book but they think the image is Jesus. If you look at all the paintings you see and the images we see it really does look like Jesus. new-testament-iwitness_zps0ef0bdaf New Testament iWitness is also very interesting as it talks about following early church history to find out where the New Testament came from. Then we see how the text we have is the same as when it was written. You will find interesting things in here such as the books that were written what was considered canon and what was rejected. It talks about how the church fathers have used it and how many times they make quotes from the bible. It is very interesting how this was copied. It’s easy to find where things have been changed because churches had copies of Paul’s letters which are scripture. It also talks about who wrote the New Testament. It talks about how the books were handed down as well. This also talks about how they tried to put this in chronological order as well as people copying them word for word but at times scribes have changed the meaning of the words and some misspellings. It also talks about going back to the original letters to find what was true and what wasn’t. old-testament-iwitness_zps0651d71c Old Testament iWitness talks about how the Old Testament is different then the Hebrew Bible. As you read you find out who wrote these books. I had no idea that only Apostles could write the books of the bible. There prophecies were really important. If they got on one wrong they were stoned to death. Maybe I knew this all along but just didn’t remember. Very fascinating as you learn about some of the Jewish History and learn why the Old Testament is all about God’s Word. I didn’t realize that the Hebrew bible was Jewish. I didn’t realize what an important role it played. I found fascinating pieces of the Old Testament that were found. What is amazing is how these were discovered. It’s the oldest book every found and the stories from it are amazing. The way these were passed down and copied word for word was amazing. From finding the original pieces they can discover what is true and what wasn’t.

These books were amazing. The kids and I both enjoyed them. I think I might have enjoyed them a little more then the kids. However, I never really thought of the history like it was talked about. It gives you a whole new appreciation for God, Jesus and the whole Bible. Now I am more then ever interested in more information about Biblical Archaeology. I have to say the pictures were very captivating and went really well with the writings. I have never seen anything written like this. I really felt I walked away learning a lot of what I didn’t know before. It makes you see just how old the Old Testament is and how very important it was and still is. It talks about all of Gods works and words. The New Testaments is based off the old but talks more about Jesus and what he has done for us. It was also interesting to read about Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and how they tried to put the books in chronological order according to their writings.

The kids and I read the books during circle time. We spent about a week on each book. We talk about the findings of what we have read and we would go back to our bibles to make sure the we had the understanding of what was being said. As there are bible verses that are referenced through the books. I really highly recommend these books. It’s a must read so that you can read the evidence for yourself. You will find lots of fascinating facts and lots of intriguing pictures in these books. So much we didn’t know and so much we want to continue learning. It really will give you a whole new appreciation for things. It’s amazing to see God’s works through these finds. The reading level is for ages 11 and up. I found this to be great for the whole family.

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