Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract Review


October is fast approaching, and many will celebrate Halloween or have a Harvest Festival. Regardless of how you celebrate the month of October, Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract by Let the Little Children Come  is a cute reminder that there is something more important to remember than candy. I did receive a package of these cute little pumpkins to put together for my review.

Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract is a cute halloween-tract. It is perforated so it is easy to punch out of the paper. There are 6 different petals on the opposite side. Each petal has a different message. The messages are about God being a friend, how much God loves us, sin and forgiveness, Jesus dying for our sins, a little prayer. To me this is a reminder that candy isn’t as important to as God. Candy is good and sweet but goes away after you eat it. God is always here for us and does not go away.

How We Used This:

I used this with my daughter. We talked about Halloween. We talked about how our church doesn’t celebrate Halloween. We also talked about why we celebrate Halloween. My daughter never knew our church didn’t celebrate Halloween. Our church thinks it is the devil’s holiday and that is why they do not celebrate. I explained to my daughter that it was ok to agree to disagree. We don’t see it as the devil’s holidays. We see it as a fun Hallmark Holiday that kids have fun dressing up in costumes and trick or treating. I also had explained to her that it was important to respect others peoples thoughts and decision when it comes down to this.

We then removed the pumpkin from the perforated edges. We read each petal together and talked about them. I gave her the time to ask questions. We proceeded to figure out who would we give these to. We decided that we would give these out at church because of the message it was sending was something positive. We also decided to share the extras with our church so that they can pass them out if they choose too. Once we knew who we were going to give these out to, we then thought about what we could put inside it. We decided that we could put a small eraser in it for the kids. As the kids who go to church are mostly homeschooled. For the adults we decided then we were going to put in a piece of chocolate as we all love chocolate and food!! The overall message I think is what will mean the most. It’s the message reminding us that there are things more important to then candy.

My daughter was actually really excited about passing these out at church. I was rather proud of her as her heart was in the right place.

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Is There Anything Better Than Candy? {Let The Little Children Come Reviews}

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