Angel Craft Podge Semi Gloss Review – DIY Homemade Coasters

Angel Craft Podge Review

One of my favorite things to use during crafts to make homemade gifts is a crafting modge podge. One of the easiest gifts we have made are some homemade coasters. They are super easy and fun to make. This time around we have used Angel Craft Podge Semi Gloss.


Angel Craft Podge is a new product to me. This is a semi glass. It glues, seals, and protects. The nice thing about this bottle is it has its own built in brush on the cap. We tried to use it for our project, however we needed to grab a bigger brush to cover more area.

This does clean up well with soap and water. The only thing I noticed was it took me a little longer to clean as I had little balls of glue on me and the paint brush as I washed it. It did all come out which is a good thing as then your brush doesn’t get hard.

I found that it dried pretty fast and there has been no yellowing to be seen at all. I would recommend though that you don’t set anything on top of it when you think it is dry just to make sure. The reason I say that is I thought some things were dry and it didn’t dry right and my picture kinda got eaten up. It wasn’t the glue it was the fact that the ceramic was rubbing against the picture.

This product is also UV and Water Resistant.

How We Used This: 

We made our DIY Homemade coasters with this. I like the fact that this was a glass type of sealer. I like the shine on the pictures versus the matte look. We used this with ease and there really is not a strong smell with it. We made a few coasters and put them away for gifts. My daughter helped make some of the coasters as well. When it dries you can peel it off your fingers like glue. My daughter kind of got a kick out of that but it did wash out easy with the soap and water.

I also noticed that this is a little thinner so you have to do a couple extra coats. Not a big deal then you can before that your craft is sealed.

One of the things that this would be great for is scrapbooking. I haven’t had the chance to use it for a layout as I haven’t had the time to sit down. I don’t like starting something I can’t finish as I tend to lose my train of thought. This would also be great for a project that I have in mine with tissue paper, canvas, and acrylic paint. I think the gloss would give it a nice addition. The possibilities are endless as to how you can use this.

DIY Homemade Coasters

  • pictures
  • ceramic tiles (any size you want)
  • Angel Craft Podge




First what you do is turn your picture over and put the podge on the back of the picture. Then once you have a nice amount on the back of the picture you stick the picture to the shiny front of the ceramic.



Then you paint a layer of podge over the top of the picture and the ceramic tile. With this I had to hold the picture so it wouldn’t slide around as we put a layer on the top. Set it aside until it is completely dry. You will then want to do another layer of the podge again and let it dry. You can do a third layer if you want to, but normally it takes 2 layers.



Once it is dry you can give it away as a gift. You can also get those felt circles and put them on the back so the tile doesn’t scratch anything. We didn’t have them this time around. You can also glue felt to the back too.

The picture above does not do the semi gloss justice. It really does have a nice glossy shine.

I found that you can do this with pictures, cards, and even calendars and magazine pictures as well. They make great gifts.


Disclosure: I did receive Angel Craft Podge for my review. I will also being receiving payment upon completion of this review. All the opinions in this blog post our 100% mine. 

2 Responses to “Angel Craft Podge Semi Gloss Review – DIY Homemade Coasters”

  • 1

    These are very cute! A set with the kids’ picture would make a great grandparent gift!
    Leah Courtney´s last blog post ..Is Multitasking Stealing Your Present Joy?

    admin Reply:

    Thank you 🙂 They do make great gifts. We made some stepping stones and put pictures on them and gave them away as gifts too. We have a few coasters. They are quick and easy to make as well.

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