Amazing Valentine Weekend.

We had a busy but amazing weekend for Valentine’s. Friday was our 13 wedding anniversary. We had one night alone and on Valentine’s we made it special for the kids as well.

Thursday night my parents took the kids over night. We did some shopping and went out to dinner. The roads were bad and we didn’t want to try to drive home so we stayed in Green Bay overnight. .

Childrens Musuem Collage

Friday morning we went out to breakfast and picked up the kids. We started out at the Building For Kids in Appleton. It is a Children’s museum for kids. I was a little disappointed as I would have liked to see more hands on things. Don’t get me wrong there was some hands on things but it was mostly pretend play.

While we were at the museum my husband took my son and I took my daughter. My daughter started out playing with these huge foam blocks. She was building and knocking them down. The next thing we did was paint. My daughter loves to paint. There was a color changing station and some other hands on things for the kids to do. Next we went over to the water play. The kids had fun playing with that They made sprinkles and watched water go up a, hmmm not sure what to call it, then they watched it fall down a wheel. Then there was this giant heart with a slide. My daughter didn’t want to get off that. In the room across from it there was ball and you drop them into different things and watch them go through pipes and figure out where they are going to come out. My daughter loved the fire engine. She got to dress up as a fire fighter and I think that made her day.

Build A Bear Collage

The next stop was Build A Bear. That was an amazing experience with the kids. My daughter picked out a My Little Pony and my son picked out a red panda. We waited in line to get them stuffed and sewed up. They had these little red hearts and they had to do different things and the last thing was to kiss it and make a wish and put it in the stuffed animal. I have several pictures of my son doing it but was to slow for my daughter. The next stop was the fluffing station where they put their animal under a fluffer and they also had the chance to brush the hair. We then stopped over to name it. We picked out outfits for each of them Stopped at the dressing station and dressed them. Then we got the certificates and paid for them and left. My daughter was super excited and it’s something that will last a life time. It will be a great memory and sentimental to them I hope.


Vacation Collage


The kids were exhausted from the shopping we did in between so we stopped to find a hotel to rest a bit Then we went to the mall to get my daughters ears pierced and get some dinner. We then came to the hotel and the kids went swimming. My daughter learned how to snorkel at the hotel. She is a little fish. The only bad thing was there was to much chlorine. I didn’t swim and when it touched my skin I would start to scratch. I believe that they refunded us for our room which I was very surprised as we had a lot of good things to say when we checked out. The only bad thing was the pool.

We went for breakfast with my husband’s cousin. My daughter ordered a Mickey Mouse pancake. The thing was HUGE. Then we did more shopping and headed home. It was an exhausting weekend but we had so much fun. I had a great time spending Valentine’s Day and my Anniversary with the kids. We haven’t taken a mini vacation in over two years.

It’s nice to come home feeling refreshed!

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