Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books – Lapbook

Since Dakota loves lapbooks we have decided to spend some time working on some fun lapbooks. Yesterday we worked on Abe Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books. Dakota and I really enjoyed reading this book. It talked about Abe at different ages and what he did but the thing he liked the most was want to learn and to do that he read books. It told us that he lived in 4 different states. The final stop was Washington DC as President. He talked with settlers that would pass through and learned what they were here for and where they were going. He discovered there was a world bigger then him.

The Lap Book that we worked in was from Home School Share. We didn’t use everything as I had to curb it towards what Dakota could handle. We included Geography, History, Langauge, Art and Math into this lapbook. However Dakota had a couple math pages in his book to do. We finally started double digit addition. He did fantastic with it!! Go Dakota!! Spelling well he had a rough time and typing he is going to be the fastest two finger typer in town. Oops back to the lap book. LOL

For Art I got a little creative and I told him to draw Abe Lincoln for the front and on the back he was to draw Abe Lincoln’s House.

We have a time line of the Life of Abraham Lincoln, Different Family Relationships, Where in the United States Abraham Lincoln Lived, How one can become president, and when to use capital letters.

I also included a Virtual Tour of Abe Lincoln’s Home in IL. We actually learned a lot. I myself never knew that Abraham Lincoln had kids. His oldest son donated the house to the State of Illinois in the 1800’s. Which I thought was awesome. It has been restored and the pictures reveal who’s room is whose and what the room was. Very interesting. I would love to take Dakota to see the actual house sometime in the Spring.

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