ABC Numbers iPad Review

If you never heard of PunFlay then I highly suggest checking out their website. They have a lot of great education apps that I think the prices are reasonable and some that I noticed were free too. The ones I have downloaded both free and ones I bought, or reviewed I haven’t been disappointed with. The educational apps range from K – 12.

The app that I am reviewing today is ABC Numbers. I am absolutely in love with this app. Let me start out by telling you about the app and then I will tell you my thoughts.

ABC Number introduces letters and numbers to preschoolers in a colorful and attractive way. It has 2 parts to it. Kids will have a great time getting introduced to letters, phonics, and pre-writing skills. Touch the letters to listen to it’s sound.

Kids will also have fun learning early math skills. Tap any number from 1 – 10 and hear a friendly voice that will announce the number. The screen also displays that many objects. For added fun kids can choose to count fish, flowers or birds. Tap the color wheel at the top of the screen and watch the objects change color.


  • Bright and enticing visuals
  • Kid-Friendly Toy-Like interface
  • Big and attractive buttons
  • Fun Color Wheel
  • Develop Early Reading and Math Skills
  • Practice Early Writing Skills

My Thoughts:

When my daughter first tried this she fell in love with it. She loves to trace letters. She would do the letters over and over in different colors and many different letters. She started out by picking a letter. She then picked her color and traced it. If you touch the picture above you will hear the sound of the letter. If you pull down the little frog string it sings the alphabet. She really loved that. She has spent a lot of time on this app. I love the fact that is has both phonics and pr-writing. In my opinion it really kept my daughter interested, especially with being able to choose her color. The graphics for each letter are adorable.

Here is the number part of the app. I love that she could press a number and it would say the number and show the light object on the screen. She could also touch the object and it would count the numbers as she pressed them. She loved that she could change the object as well as the color.

Overall I think this is a great app for preschoolers to learn both letters and numbers. If you would like to purchase the app in iTunes ABC Numbers can be bought for $1.99 for iPad.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. However, I did receive a copy of ABC Numbers for my ipad review. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine.



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