A Mom Can Dream

While we were watching the figure skating during the Olympics, I found my daughter really engrossed into watching. She all of a sudden got up and leaned forward and put her leg in the air and said Mommy  I can do that too.

Well last week Friday we went on a field trip ice skating with other homeschoolers. My daughter really liked it. So I asked her if she wanted to take ice skating lessons.

I picked up a pamphlet from the US Figure Skating and I called the number. I spoke with a wonderful person there who took the time to explain the different levels and competitions. We talked about skates that would support her ankles.


Well today I signed her up for Snow Plow Sam. She has three lessons left in that level and she will be in Basic One the next round of lessons. Well she did fantastic today. She only fell a couple times but it didn’t phase her and she got back up and continued what she was doing.


After the lessons she had free skate. She followed another instructor around, who in turn was showing her new things. My daughter learned out to turn and do a small little jump. When the free skate was over I was talking with the instructor.


She told me about the homeschool lessons on Tuesdays and open skate. So we are going on Tuesday to practice skating some more. She also complimented me on how Brittany was learning really fast. Her jaw about dropped when I said that was only ever her second time skating. Needless to say you have one proud mommy here!


Earlier I had mentioned she was going to compete on the level she is at, however I am holding off on that till next set of lessons.

I should back up to yesterday. I asked her if she was ready for her skating lessons. She smiled and her face lit up as she said I am going to the Olympics. I love that she is 5 and thinking big. Maybe that got me thinking and a little excited. All the what if’s…..

Well I know one thing if she likes it and wants to keep it up then that is great. If she ever finds out she doesn’t like it, there will be no pressure from me. Who knows maybe I have a budding athlete on my hands. I don’t know but for now I am going to soak up the moment and enjoy watching her learn.

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