A Hands On American History Curriculum Review


I absolutely love curriculum that is laid out for me that adds in some hands on fun for the kids to learn the concepts of what they have read. It keeps things more exciting and also keeps them interested. If your looking for a fun and hands on type of American History Curriculum, then I highly suggest checking out Digital Heroes & Heroines of the Past: American History Curriculum by Golden Prairie Press. This is ideal for kids in grades 1 – 6.


Heroes & Heroines of the Past is a thirty week history curriculum. What is really nice about this curriculum is that the reading is divided up sort of by a group of grades. There is a bigger font and a basic reading for grades 1 and 2. Then the next section has more information and is a little longer for grades 3 – 6. This actually worked out perfect for us.

The stories are made up of some reprints of old stories and some are done by modern authors. I like the fact that it is designed for all ages. Each week there is a memory verse for the children to memorize. What is nice is at the end of each unit there are recommended resources so you can expand your lesson and learning if you choose.

I love the activities in this curriculum. They really go above and beyond the learning, which to me is really important for my kids. Some of the activities in this curriculum are:

  • Examining Historical Art
  • Games of the Past
  • Cook Up Some History
  • Sing Some History
  • Listen to Some History
  • Crafts
  • Experiments

This curriculum also has questions at the end of each section, writing topics, and geography.

Here is what is included in this package:

Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Part 1 ebook

Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Part 2 ebook

Additional Materials Download

Historical Skits ebook

Sing Some History CD

Listen to Some U.S. History MP3 CD

Optional Book: Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Coloring Book


How We Used This:

We do history/social studies four days a week. I printed a lesson each day. The readings were set up perfect for both my kids. I had the shorter version I used for my daughter and the longer version for my son. I read the shorter version to my daughter and then she choose to listen to my son read the longer version. We would stop and talk about things while we were reading. I would ask them questions about important things to make sure they were listening. I think the readings were perfect for each of my kids. They were not to long and overwhelming.

After you read their are questions that reinforce what you have read. Sometimes I had the kids write the answers to the questions and other times we just discussed them. There is also some writing activities. Sometimes I would have them write the activities on paper and other times we discussed it. I actually really liked discussing it more as the imagination that goes into the writing activity was my favorite. The kids would get really creative and the stories would go on and on. Especially my daughter with my daughter, she would tell some really funny stories. Let me give you an example of one of things we discussed: ¬†Pretend you a survivor on Magellan’s Voyage. Write about adventures you would have.

Sometimes there would be a art piece that you would have to examine. I absolutely loved how it fit into the time period. It gave the kids a visual of how they dressed and how things looked. The kids seemed interested in it also. I liked that there were questions that went along with the art piece as well.

My son and I had fun acting out the historical skits. I was really impressed with the skits. I liked how it kind of went over what we read but you got to know the characters in a sense. You got a taste of what they went through in more detail.

A couple of the additional materials we used were the timeline and some crests of Columbus. I really like the timelines of the explorers. As we filled in the date, event, and explorer we would go over past events that we had written in. It gives them a visual of important dates, events, and people. It is also a great study tool as well. The kids had fun coloring the crests.

My daughter really enjoyed listening to the history songs. I think she played some over and over again and would try to sing along with them.

The kids favorite was the hands on activities, recipes and games. They really got into these. We wanted to try the chocolate drink but we didn’t have the chocolate here so we will go back to that later and try it. I keep forgetting to pick it up when I go shopping. Some of the things they did was build a tepee, a hammock, make viking swords and ships, and also making the Indian canoes.

photo (1)


photo (2)


photo (3)




photo (4)

I have decided that the kids and I will be working through this and completing as they are really enjoying it. I have to say I am always curious as to what they are going to learn next.

I am so happy to have reviewed this. I have been searching for a curriculum like this for a long time. The learning and fun go hand in hand. To see my kids have fun learning is priceless.

You an purchase this curriculum for $98.99.

For more on Golden Prairie Press:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoldenPrairiePress


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