A Daily Bible Study for Teens – Teen Prasso Review

Teen Prasso Review

I have been searching for a daily bible study that my son could do. I have been searching for one that not only teaches the bible but also teaches how it to apply it to daily life. I am really happy to say that we have finally found what I have been searching for. We received Teen Prasso Teacher Manual and Teen Prasso Homework Manual by Prasso Ministries. Both of the books that we received were spiral bound. This is meant to be used in a group but you certainly can adjust it to work for an individual student. This is geared especially for teens and is a 12 week study.

The Teacher Manual has instructions for how to use the stories with the group. It also has a suggested schedule to use as well. It is nice because that schedule is all laid out for you. Keep in mind the stories that go with each chapter are only found in the teacher manual. Each lesson has an outline along with teacher tips. The story that goes with each lesson is fictional but it is woven to go along with each lesson and helps capture and retain the interest of the student. It really makes the Bible principal being taught understandable and memorable.

The lessons in the teacher’s manual are:

  • Lesson 1: The Right Beginning
  • Lesson 2: The Map
  • Lesson 3: The Bridge
  • Lesson 4: The Storms
  • Lesson 5: The Enemy
  • Lesson 6: Testimony
  • Lesson 7: The Two Opposing Fears
  • Lesson 8: Anger
  • Lesson 9: Forgiveness
  • Lesson 10: Pride
  • Lesson 11: Refocus
  • Lesson 12: To continually, habitually, and repeatedly practice God’s Word
  • Lesson 13: Prasso – Eternal Eyeglasses


The Student Homework is a consumable workbook, so you will need one for each student. It is broken down by chapter and starts with an introduction and then goes into Day 1 – Day 6 and then into a group discussion. It has the student copy a couple bible verses and asks them questions about the verse. The questions really don’t have a right or wrong answer. It makes them rethink about what they have read in the bible.

  • Lesson 1: God Your Heavenly Father
  • Lesson 2: God’s Love
  • Lesson 3: Why Doesn’t 1 + 2 Add Up In My Life?
  • Lesson 4: It’s All-Out War
  • Lesson 5: The Enemy’s Lies and Where They Lead
  • Lesson 6: Pressure
  • Lesson 7: Anger
  • Lesson 8: Forgiveness
  • Lesson 9: Two Brothers-Pride and Selfishness
  • Lesson 10: Refocus
  • Lesson 11: Prasso, putting it all into practice
  • Lesson 12: The Journey

How We Used This: 


I used this with my son any where between 3 and 5 days a week depending on how our weeks were going. Each chapter took us a week to two weeks depending on how many times a week we were able to do this. Each day my son would do the daily work. I would actually have him type the Bible versus as his hand writing would never have fit them onto the lines. Then for each question I had him dictate to me his answer. I would print out the Bible versus that he had typed out and cut them out and paste them into the book. It actually looks really nice. When we would get to the stories we took one to three days to spend on it and really discuss it. I wanted to make sure that he was getting the most out of each chapter and lesson.

When we first received this I browsed through each of the chapters and I really like how the students learn how to apply this to their daily life. A couple of the big problems for us is anger and pressure. I really look forward to getting to those lessons. I actually wanted to start with those lessons first but I am glad I decided to do this in order. One thing that I really like about this is that it encourages kids to use their thinking skills. The questions are their own interpretation so I don’t really think there is a right or wrong answer to be had. The answers I won’t settle for is I don’t know. When those answers would come up with would go over it again and I would explain things so that my son would understand them and give me a better answer. I think that this whole set up is very engaging.

This would make a great study any time of the year. It’s perfect if you are looking to do something during the summer as well. It takes us about 40 minutes to get through each lesson each day. This might also be great for the bible groups at church for teens or the teen groups they have.

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Prasso Ministries Review

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