34th Annual Wisconsin District Ladies Retreat – Kindred Spirit #2016WILMRETREAT

Kindred Spirit

This was my first time ever attending the 34th Annual Wisconsin District Ladies Retreat. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had heard stories. I wasn’t even sure what to pray for before attending, but I sure did hope to walk away with something. The theme of the retreat was Kindred Spirit and the main speakers were Donna Linville and Jelling Lumpkin.

Now before I get into the whole retreat thing, I should probably explain a little bit about where I was in the process. Some of this might shock some of you and others it probably wouldn’t, I was in a place where I have been struggling with myself. I battle everyday with low self esteem and not really liking myself. I also have been struggling with someone I thought was a friend. There were other issues that lead up to the retreat as well. I almost decided to cancel my hotel room at the last minute. So I decided to fast the day before. That didn’t last long so I was upset about that. I was getting more bitter and angry as the day proceeded. I went to Bible Study at another church and the topic was about the Holy Ghost and Baptism. I can tell you that after that bible study I was at peace and calm. I had a clear head and I was able to make sure that no matter what bumps in the road we may face I was going to have a positive experience.

Every service we had there was something I walked away with. I felt like it addressed a lot of the struggles I have been having. I felt like the speakers were right there looking in my window. The ladies on stage who sang the worship songs had such beautiful voices! I didn’t even realize there was people actually playing instruments until Friday night. I was so intrigued with what was going on around me as well as the messages that were being said. I can’t believe how powerful a room can feel.

My friend had to chuckle because I had to ask at one point what the sound was that some ladies were making. I said to her they sound as if they are doing indian calls and she had mentioned that was another tongues. Now I have heard tongues before but nothing like that. All the praying and dancing and singing was amazing. Now I have been baptized but I have yet to receive the Holy Ghost. There was a gal from another church and she asked me if I had it Saturday morning and she started praying for me. While she was praying she was praying for things I have personally struggled with. I was a little spooked because I have never told her anything. It was another person looking in my window. It was amazing. I didn’t receive the Holy Ghost at the conference. I am not a person to pray out loud in front of people. Maybe it is because I just lack the confidence to do so.

They had break out sessions that we had a chance to pick from 16 different ones. There were four different ones that were offered each half hour. We took two of the classes. One was called Perfectly Imperfect! Being the Best ME I can Be! and the second one was Creating Your Own War Room. The classes were good but I expected them to be more. However, I did get something out of both because I went back to the hotel room to rest and started looking things up. I reread some of the scriptures that were given during the classes. One was about Titus 2 Women and Proverbs 31 and the other was about a War Room. I think it was meant so that you could branch out and really just grow off the topics. The War Room one gave a really good idea about making cards and then having  pile for unanswered prayers and a pile for answered prayers and then in a year you could look at all the answered prayers. I thought that was interesting and I am going to start to do that. I am going to use an index box and index cards to keep track.

They had a Continental Breakfast, Queen Esther Spa, and a Treasure Shoppe. I didn’t eat from the breakfast as we went out to breakfast before hand. It looked like it had very yummy things. I didn’t do the spa either as I had done some shopping in between classes and just some wondering around the hotel. I did buy a few books from Pentecostal Publishing House. I also bought some Scentsy Bars and an oil. I bought my daughter some hair clips and headbands.

I can’t go into every topic from Ladies Retreat but I can tell you what I walked away with as it will give you clue. One was to stay away from negative people and those who can suck my well dry. Yes I do know a person or two like that. It made me re-evaluate myself. It made me see I don’t have to be hard on myself and I should have that self esteem. It is easier said then done but I am actually trying. I need to pray more. I shouldn’t be afraid to ask for things. I need to open my bible more. The opening my bible I already knew before I went. I am currently reading a chapter a day with a friend. We read it at different times but then she can help me understand if I can’t figure it out. I need to have my own area for a prayer room. I don’t see that happening in the house we are renting but I do see it as a possibility when it’s our time to find a house. So for now my little area at my computer desk is enough. I know there is more as I am still processing things from Ladies Retreat. I even have the CDs so I can listen again. I believe I have a lot of growing to do and I believe that I can do it.

I would highly recommend going to a Ladies Retreat. It is an absolutely amazing experience and you can walk away with a lot of answers. I know God showed me the answers for some of these struggles through the speakers. I am really grateful. In fact there is a lot to be Thankful for. It also was clear to me that there were things I needed to do and change. If you have the chance to see either Jelaine or Donna. I highly recommend you do. They were awesome!

I also learned about an app called My Hope Radio. It is a christian radio station and has multiple categories. It’s actually pretty amazing! I don’t know why I didn’t know about it before. I am glad I found out. I have the app on my phone and my iPad. I love the fact that I can play instrumental songs during my prayer time. There are so many different categories for choices as well and I can’t wait to explore them all.

I am definitely going again next year.

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